Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trapped in Tuesday

-Last night I thought of a joke: you can tell you're too old to be single whenever you're more worried about getting bedbugs than STDs. After chuckling I thought, "I'm too young for this joke. I should give it to one of the older gals." Then I went into the bathroom to brush my nighttime dental mouth guard before heading to bed at 9:30pm and quickly realized I was plenty old enough for that joke.

-Ugh, how can I have two dates tomorrow?! I HATE dating! Dr. Jeff and Sexy McTatted Carpenter, Jr. Sure, JJ, AT, and both Emilies told me I'd have fun, but my inbox is overflowing with date requests. I thought I was too busy to date beforehand, but this internet shit makes my spare moments even more stressful. Also, I'm not this two date kind of girl. It seems sleezy and dishonest to me. I just want a sweet man to have fun with. Regardless, I have two dates tomorrow: #1 is Andy, the bearded, tattooed carpenter that plays banjo, shoots guns, and loves his 120lb dog. (I've always foreseen that there'd be a man in my life who loved a skinny bitch more than me!) We'll be happy houring with his beer snob recommendations. #2 is post cocktails after Dr. Jeff's UT awards banquet to celebrate receiving a $25,000 teaching excellence award.  

-I didn't get to see my baby Posey this week. I haven't seen her in over two weeks now! I know she's not my baby, but she's my fill of baby. It's my own fault. I got too lazy to bike in this overbearing heat for my lady/baby date tonight. 9 months ago I would have never thought I could like being around children this much. This summer Posey, Madelyn, and Astrid really warmed my icy heart. 

-I'm craving salty meats like Ruben sandwiches and beef jerky.

-My grandma called me today at work. Granted, she emailed me twice and called once yesterday and I hadn't responded to either. She said she was worried and asked how my mental state was. It's humorous, but I should be the one calling her to make sure she's still alive. Oh, I love that woman; she's cuckoo, but does it only out of love.

-It's only Tuesday, but I feel like I've been doing this week for a while now. Maybe that's because I've been working hard at both jobs and with school starting/fiscal year ending the hectic pace has interrupted my apathy. 

-Ooooooo Oh, I'm looking forward to my weekend too soon! It's more than four days away, but I can't wait until Saturday. We're going to have an all-day/all-night ladies event at Jamie's new house way out in the country and I'm so excited. A chaos camp-out sleepover with some of my favorite gals; The Vest Friends, Lela, and Tofte! There are sure to be stories, but as this is a public forum they'll be too scandalous to detail.

So, until tomorrow...
Please keep your fingers crossed that this single gal can pull off being a dating lady!

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