Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Tidbits

-This morning was a busing disaster. I got to the bus stop early and waited in the heat for 10 minutes while reading Gone With the Wind, which I'm enjoying, so the wait didn't bother me. The bus flew past the stop before mine and wasn't in the right lane to pick me up, so I stepped into the road and waived fervently at the driver. The bus just flew right passed me without slowing down at all. So, I called Cap Metro to complain and waited another 30 minutes for the next bus and was very relieved to be in some air conditioning until crazy got on board. I don't know why crazies flock to me, but I always try to be nice if possible. This young man was clean and didn't have the warning signs of a homeless person, but he did have one of those wonky eyes and was using rope as a belt. He, of course, asks me what I'm reading and then tells me he likes books. "Reading lets you go to another world," he says and I agree. Then he asks me where the "lie-berry" is on campus because he wants to get on the internet and read a book by his favorite "arthur"Harry Potter. Eh, it wasn't that bad of an interaction, but I just can't stand it when people say arthur instead of author and lie-berry instead of library. Okay, so maybe the guy wasn't crazy, but just dumb instead.

-I powder my shoes to prevent smelly, sweaty flats. I also like to take my shoes off under my desk whenever I'm at work and I walk around barefoot when the boss isn't in his office. Sometimes this leaves white footprints on the carpet and it's the first thing he notices whenever he walks through the door. I'd like to think that he fears there's a pale-footed ghost haunting him.


-Monday night 3/4 of the Vest Friends went to Matt Bearden's PUNCH! Julia stepped up the drinking game with a pina colada and I had to get one as well. It was delicious and the comedy was funny. There was, however, an awful audience member with the laugh from hell who thought she was funnier than the comics on stage. Not only did her laugh make me love my own terrible cackle for not being as obnoxious as hers, but she was also one of those fat tea party ladies and disliked all of the funniest jokes. There was a cutie there who did impressions which made me think that might be fun in the bedroom, "Oh, Mr. Obama, welcome to my body's oval office." The fun didn't stop there, the ladies and I got raunchy, and we had a blast at Bar Fly's drinking Green Monsters until it was time to take ourselves home. Here's a pic of our delicious frozen treats at Cap City Comedy Club:

Audra stuck with the marg

-Yesterday I had a long and happy Happy Hour at Red House with everyone! (AT, JJ, Sam, Adrienne, Dr. Hopkins and baby Wyatt, McVay, Nancy, and Emily from high school) It was great to see Emily again and boy is she a looker! I'm excited to have another lady friend as she just moved to Austin and doesn't know very many people and is eager to play! McVay was another interesting addition to happy hour. I poked some fun at him and he poked some fun at me, but bottom line is we really need to be friends and I shouldn't have dropped him like a plagued rat whenever my ex-BF demanded it. McVay and I had 9 years of youth together and although we will never be together in a romantic state, I don't think there's a single person in the world who understands him better than I do; Adrienne sure is giving me a run for my money though and she's really great with his "special needs."

-Tonight is another comedy investigation with 3/4 of the Vest Friends. We're going to Cold Towne, where Audra is currently taking comedy writing classes. I miss Jamie! She's in the middle of a move that has put her beyond my reach; very far southwest. The show can't go on without her, but in the meantime we're doing our research on her behalf. We're currently working on a television network targeted to women like us. You know, not quite Lifetime, Oxygen, or Home Shopping Network. Something more me, well and more you of course!

-I think Hall & Oates are remarkable! Audra mentioned starting an all girls cover band called the Rich Girls and I fell in love with the idea! While at work I was listening to the grooveshark Hall & Oates mix and they played a song I had never heard before, "Grounds for Separation," which has to have the worst lyrics the duo ever wrote: Isn't it a lot like oxygen? Too much will make you high and not enough will make you die. Does oxygen even get you high?

-I'm ready for the weekend and want more sun and fun! Woot Woot watch out that's the sound of the fun train pulling into town!

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