Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Tidbits

-Whenever I walk up stairs, my brain gets all vertigo-y and I feel really tiny. Conversely, walking down stairs makes me feel like a giant. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland or the Labyrinth. Try it next time!

-I was planning on going to Houston next weekend with my Grandma to meet my new niece, but the trip has been cancelled. Apparently the Granny feels slighted and my sister is still not well enough to make for a productive visit. Hang in there Audrey Ella, you will meet your Lola soon enough. My nephew calls me Lola instead of Aunt Lauren. The 'aunt' thing never really settled with me as it seems too formal, so Lola is perfect.

-My writing project has stalled.......... This really disappoints me. I've been pretty busy with a full schedule all throughout this exercise,  but until now that hasn't stopped the creative juices from flowing. Right now I have so little 'juice flowing', which is exactly what I was afraid of.  I'm struggling to do the 3 pages a day I've assigned myself, and in the past I've stayed up to watch the sunrise while typing away frantically. My emotions are at ease right now and I fear that just like the great Russian novelists, I cannot write unless I'm emotionally turbulent. Oh, even just the drama in that sentence makes me feel ridiculous. Tonight, I will force myself to write in hopes of turning that creative faucet on.

-I can't stop looking at the picture I took of myself feeling all skinny. This vanity is a little sick and threatening my ability to be a single lady. I feel on the prowl. So, to induce some humility, I've photo-shopped myself on the body of a pregnant lady in a bikini; so cute y'all!

-Gina and I considered eating lunch at Rasta Pasta today. This restaurant has brought such laughter to Beth, Matt, and my lives. We love doing some Jamaican/Italian accent while ordering 'dreadlocks alfredo'. "Ah, me dreadlock fell in-a the fettucini, mon" After looking at their menu online, there was no way I could eat there when they REALLY have a dish called, "dreadlock ravioli!"
Rasta Pasta Menu Link

-Last night Audra, Julia, and I headed out to Skinny's Ballroom for Classy Ass Comedy night. It was free and I'm interested in seeing what the "comedy scene" is like out there. Also, Chris Cubas was hosting and I've heard he was funny, so I didn't think it would be a total loss. Well....... When we got there, Julia and I made up half of all the people in the bar, so that should have been a sign. There were some funny moments and all three of us were laughing at one point, but I just don't think stand-up is something I'm interested in. I'm not a good 'monologuer' and really just think if the Vest Friends chatted around a microphone, we'd crack people up; radio show style. Regardless, videos are in the works and hopefully this train will be movin' soon.

-In more Last Nigh Drama news: Um..... I borrowed Gina's car. I parked the car. The car was reported as being involved in a hit and run accident. I didn't hit any cars, animals, or inanimate objects. I think something smells fishy here! I'm really stressed out about this and just hope Gina and I don't get screwed here.

-Cara once asked me if I had any stories that weren't outrageous (okay, she used the term "fucked up") and after that last tid bit I'm beginning to understand. Is there anything that just happens to me? Like tripping on the way to the grocery store instead of nearly being run over by a train? Maybe GOD gives me the dramatic events because I'm a tough girl who's good at telling stories. (I love GOD!)

-Okay, I'm obviously feeling silly because look at how I typed god! Oh my goodness, I just keep raving about this god.

-Off to see Pam's new house for some ladies night with breakfast for dinner. I'm so excited and as lame as it may seem, I'm so proud of her for being a homeowner! I know friends who own houses, but Pam and I are on the same level and she is the first of my friends within that classification to buy a house, so I feel so hopeful for my own future!

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