Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Memo

It's Monday, but I wish it could be Saturday for a few more days. I had a lovely weekend! My nights were low key and my days were full.

Beth's father came into town this weekend and Beth, Gina, and I happy houred with him Friday evening and then went swimming in the hotel pool. The water was nice and the happy hour was free, so that worked out great! Afterwards I stopped by and had a drink with Julia before heading home. I was feeling so worn out Friday night and I'm not sure why, but I was in bed early.

Saturday was another beach day. YAY! I lived in Florida as a kid for a couple of years and we spent every weekend we could at the beach. Actually, this holds true for growing up near Galveston as well. My mum was a single mother of two so it was the cheapest way to entertain us: bucket of KFC chicken, capri sun, and the beach. I still love spending the day at the beach. Saturday I went with Ms. Emily, the newest League City transplant to Austin. We had a lovely time and fell asleep on the sand while talking, girls sleep over style. She's going to make a lovely addition to my lady circle! Afterwards I went home and crashed hard. I took a late nap and just kept on sleeping into the night. The sun just takes it out of me, but I love outdoor days so it's worth the sacrifice. I've never kayaked, canoed, or gone tubing before, all things Emily is game for, so I'm hoping I'll keep having lovely outdoor weekends.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. I was wide awake at 4am since I had gone to bed before 9pm Saturday night. My day was pretty much wasted in anticipation of my 1st internet date with Dr. Jeff. Things went so much better than I had feared! The simplest things like walking into the room or saying, "Hi, Jeff?!" whenever we first met was making me so nervous. Everything just sort of worked itself out and this was only the 3rd time he had met someone online so it wasn't too awkward or embarrassing. It was a nice meeting for afternoon beers and he is really cute. He's a professor of geographic epidemiology which, of course, I had to ask the meaning of. He's way too smart! Harvard educated, turned down a position at Yale because he didn't want to teach yuppies, working on developing a "new type of science." Some of the things he said went over my head and the others were just laughably too intelligent. And c'mon guys, you know I'm a smart girl. This guy is too smart for his shoes!

Okay, so here are some more details: He has a 4 year old daughter who lives in Brazil. He likes having a child in his life, but only spending the good times with her and not everyday. I completely understand this sentiment which is why I'd rather be an aunt than a mother, but I think if you view your daughter that way you'll also view your girlfriend that way, which is a turn off for me. His life sounds amazing, lots of travel and adventures. He's converting a storefront into an apartment, which is a dream of mine. He lived in New Zealand for 3 years and annually spends the summers somewhere in the world. This summer he went to Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. I'd love to adventure, but certainly am not as adventurous as he is. We had a nice time talking and he is really interested in sociology, coincidence, conscientiousness, and minimalism. That sounds so pretentious, but it was very suiting to our conversation. My favorite things about him: 

-He walked from our table to the bar barefoot. I know that would probably gross someone else out, but the first thing I do whenever I sit down is take off my shoes and I have no problem walking anywhere, except a public bathroom, barefoot. 

-I've picked the labels off of beer bottles before and have been told that it was a sign of sexual frustration. I think this is just a pick-up line for men in bars to hit on girls who peel off beer bottle labels. Dr. Jeff was peeling off this label and had some difficulty (it was a sticky Miller Lite kind and not the paper Lone Star kind) and at one point used his teeth. It's a strange thing, but I thought it was adorable.

-He was outrageously interested in my quirks, interpretations of life's misfortunes, personality ticks, and personal history. For example, I was saying when my mind is restless I just need to be near water and he was like, "well you are an Aquarius" which is completely tacky, but a little flattering since he had to investigate that information to interpret it. He, apparently as a Leo, is a sun/dessert person and did one of those guru spiritual viipassana weeks in the dessert without any form of communication (no talking, writing, listening, human touch or eye contact). He even asked if he could meet one of my many jars of hair, which typically creeps people out.

Here's his picture: 

Afterwards I went to Lela's with Julia where the three of us were on Gravy booty-duty. Gravy is Lela's adorably plump kitty with lazy booty cleaning tendencies. Regardless of how this may sound, it was a nice little ladies night with a cat lady purpose attached to it, but I also got to rant and rave about what a nice date I had. 

So, will I be seeing Dr. Jeff again? Yes, we will most likely have another date tonight or this week, but things won't get serious for sure. I've got a fear of the Peter Pan male who doesn't want to grow up and dreams of living in Never Neverland forever. That was my ex and I'm not wasting time with that any more. I want someone who loves fun and adventuring, but wants to do it with me. And I want someone who doesn't refer to relationships as lacking freedom, because why be with someone if you want to be alone. I think men (or people in general for that matter) who think things should be easy and without sacrifice or commitment, who want things to be fun and free all the time are delusional. No relationship, even friendship or work relationships, are like that. So, that being said Dr. Jeff is just another Peter Pan, but this one has a Ph.D, is 6'3", and has a smokin' bod. And since I'm just looking for some fun with a nice person, good conversation and laughter, who doesn't make me feel bad about myself, I will surely float this fella for a little bit. Cheers to Dr. Jeff! 

P.S. I'm still floatin' my DJ crush as well, and have two online guys I'd like to meet. I'm just playing the game for now. Online dating is going to overwhelm me, I can already tell. There are 10 unread messages in my inbox from dudes. 

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