Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday, 1st Day!

Oh Monday, as the new week begins I reflect on my weekend.....
This heat is making me miserable! I refuse to turn my A/C higher than 76 and it was 90 degrees in my house on Saturday. Whenever I do go out in the heat (109 on Saturday and 111 on Sunday) I can only take a few minutes before I start feeling faint. I've fainted at least once a week since we've been in this triple digit heat wave. I'm a Texas girl who prefers hot to cold any day, but this weekend was brutal. It looks like we'll have at least another week of this heat, so if you don't find me at work, I'll be planted in front of my air conditioning unit with ice cold beer reinforcements.

Let's see, to catch up since I last blogged Wednesday...

I'm going to skip my Wednesday date recap, but here is a brief assessment: I don't want Dr. Jeff to be my boyfriend, but I want to like him. He's dreamy and doesn't live in Austin, but I want to eat food with him and make out next time he is. Internet Andy actually frowned when he saw me Wednesday night and I've never felt older or fatter on a date; even when I was fatter! Needless to say, there won't be another date with him.

In more dating news, I have another internet-ish date on this upcoming Wednesday. I'm a little hesitant, but am going to give it a shot nonetheless. This is an ex of my gal-pal Cara who I met in person once, but we chatted it up online. She's not optimistic about a connection, for reasons I completely agree with, but the date was already planned so I didn't want to cancel. So, we'll see how those drinks go. Also, I went out on a limb Sunday and told a friend that I had a crush on him. Bwat, tat, TAH..... (that's supposed to be some high tension, thriller style musical effects.) I simply told him that when I see him I want to make out with him and he said he felt the same way! Eeep, it made me giddy. So, he's about to go on tour for two months and we're trying to squeeze in a date before he leaves, but I don't think it's going to pan out since I'm already full until Friday and he leaves Thursday. Would it be wrong just to ask him to come over to make out with me sometime this week after my dates?! (all dates, except Wednesday, are girlfriend dates, so that doesn't seem too sleazy to me) The bold dating Lauren from BA times (before Allen) is back! It only took 6 months of wallowing and 2 internet dates to get me running on that dating treadmill again.

Most of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were spent preparing for the Red 7 Garage Sale on Sunday. I didn't see many people or go out much before then, but was able to really clean house and thin out my heard of sweaters. I hung out with Julia once or twice during the process, but mainly just stayed home. I love walking into a clean house that smells nice and feels cozy, but I had been too busy lately to clean it and was beginning to feel like my closet had burped clothes all over the place.

Saturday night, the Vest Friends had a very special sleepover planned at Jamie's new house in Lakeway. As the day was progressing, it was beginning to seem like we weren't going to be able to have our chaos camp-out after all. Two of our very special guests backed out, understandably, and then Jamie got a flat tire and was stranded at the Continental Club. Being stranded at the Continental Club with a flat sounds outrageous to me, considering it's full of hotrod-ing men. Apparently none of those jerks were willing or able to help out our sweet skirted Jamie. It took 3 hours to fix her flat (also 1 of the lug nuts was a different size than the remaining 3, which posed a problem). Just when we had resigned to not having our adventure, we decided to just head on out there, load up on beers, and have a normal ladies sleepover. It was great!! We had a lovely time eating snacks, adoring Gill the lovable dog and Harley the snugly cat, I curled up in a tauntaun sleeping bag at bedtime, and ate delicious bacon-wrapped yams for breakfast. It felt like a ladies vacation trip at a lake house.

Tauntaun!! The inside is patterned like guts!

Gill snuggles up with Julia in the morning.

It wasn't all fun and games. The Vest Friends wrote yet another sequel to Leprechaun, staring Paula Dean. So, Paula Dean... I don't really know the lady nor have I ever really watched any of her shows, but I know she's a butter lovin' southern chubby, and I think this video of her eating a lasagna sandwich pretty much tells me anything I need to know:

The Vest Friends have written a very special role for her in our Leprechaun sequel that I think she will love. It involves a rainbow made from food with a pot of boiling oil at the end for her to fry children in! Also, her skills might come in handy whenever Julia makes the Thanksgiving Nuggets she invented while we chilled out on Jamie's country porch.

Marcus, the dead blowfish, is the newest addition to my dead animal menagerie. He first belonged to Audra, then Jamie, and his happy new home is hanging from my ceiling above Marcel, my pickled, dead, baby octopus.

Sunday was the Red 7 Garage sale with the Golden Boys. Boy, did I have a blast there. I got to finally meet the newest roommate to move into the Emilaurison legacy house, Stayten. Not only is she lovely, but she's a blast and the proud momma of the adorable Merlin, who I like to call Meow-lin.

So handsome! He likes to eat people food, too!

Sure it was a hot day, but not so bad sitting in the dark Red 7 where the cold beer was on special and the BBQ was made by Tom and free. I liked the sausage, but didn't overindulge for fear of meat sweats. Beth made a killing at her booth and I had to even solicit her to sell my men's shirts for me since my table full of dresses turned all the men off. I went home $10 richer and made enough money to buy an adorable dress from Renate that fits me amazingly (because I tried it on in the middle of Red 7) and pay for the $20 of beer I drank. That's success to me. I still went home with lots of clothes, so Jessica can still play hoarders with me and pick out all her favorites from my rejects. And, as if that wasn't enough to make a girl happy, Pam stopped in and brought me a pigeon present!!

Coo, coo, it's love at 1st sight

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