Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm Ready for the Friday Night Life

Oh, it's Friday and I've been restless all day. I'm ready for the weekend, even though I don't have any solid plans. I offered to do some babysitting as a way to still get out of the house yet lay low, but my sweet little Posey will be home with her mum tonight after all. Also, JJ is out of town for his little brother's wedding. Strangely, he's only been gone hours and I already miss him! So, I've got tons of options and can do anything I want to tonight. I wonder what it will be....

Last Sunday I had so much fun dancing with Alison. I wish there was a sock hop every Sunday and that I could go to work late every Monday morning! I think I also just loved getting girly with Alison.

I've been wanting a new tattoo since my last one healed even though I didn't have the slightest idea of what I wanted. It's a little strange to me, because I wouldn't consider myself a "tattoo girl" and I certainly like to keep them covered up at work, but I feel lopsided with only one arm tattooed. I came across these illustrations today by Elisabeth Moch and I really LOVE them. Would that be too bizarre having two anthropomorphic tattoos? I would really like something cat related.

Super cute! This is my 2nd favorite.

LOVE it! I can haz pinup kitty tattoo?

Segway into more cats: I want to work a Kittywood Studios

Last night all the Vest Friends got together!!!! I was so happy to see Jamie and Terra came out too. We went to Radio Smoking Jacket at Coldtowne for a live recording of a podcast. It was just "eh" in my opinion, but it was great being with the entire group again. I think the more comedy investigation we do, the more apparent it is that we may not be stage people. Sure, I'd love to do some stage stuff, but we'll certainly be starting with videos. I can't wait!

After the show last night we fraternized outside while finishing up our beers and smoking. (I had quit smoking for a week, but now I think I'm only smoking socially. That is still not what I want so the battle continues.) We were outside for about 20 minutes chatting and trying to figure out if we wanted to get more drinks somewhere else. Finally, the smell was overwhelming to me and I said, "Yuck, I keep smelling parmesan." Jamie added, "Yeah, it stinks like vomit." and then Julia demonstrated how she was checking the bottom of her shoe because she thought she had stepped in shit whenever we realized there was a huge pile of vomit right behind us. Ugh, it was so nasty! All five of us had stood there for 20 minutes smelling the puke without even knowing. YUCK!

So, I guess I'm trying the internet dating right now. I'm not really against it, but I'm certainly not for it. Regardless, I have a date next week with a cute doctor named Jeff. I'm not sure what type of doctor he is, but it's the Ph.D. kind and not the M.D. kind. He has a daughter (age unknown) and is currently working and living on a farm in Mexico. Goodness, I hope I don't get strangled and murdered on this date. The Mexican farm thing is temporary, but he will only be in town momentarily next week to meet with the Board of Regents at UT regarding a new program of study he's coordinating. Fancy! He's taking his mum out to dinner and getting drinks with me afterwards. JJ warned me that whenever you plan a date with a stranger your brain makes up a fantasy of the type of person they are and sometimes you're pleased and other times you're disappointed. It feels so strange because I do have a Dr. Jeff fantasy. Here it is: his daughter is 7 and lives on the Mexican farm with his ex-wife who discovered she was a lesbian 6 years ago. Dr. Jeff loves macaroni and cheese, social work, anthropology, and swimming. What I know for a fact is that he is 37 and makes lists as obsessively as I do. Instead of trading nudie pics online, we've exchanged the packing lists we made for our last trip. I cross reference lists, while he simply uses * and footnotes. Anyhow, enough about that. I wanna post his picture, but that seems inappropriate. 

What's starting to get a little creepy is whenever online dating tells me who has been looking at my profile and they are comics that I have recently seen perform. So far this has happened three times. God, I hope I'm not going to end up being some sort of groupie.

Cheers to a lovely weekend my lovelies. I want to spend the entire weekend at the beach. Nothing makes me feel sexier than taking off my bathing suit, looking in the mirror, and looking like a pink lady in a white bikini!

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