Tuesday, August 9, 2011

From Tuesday to Tomorrow

I'm feeling great; too good for complete sentences. It's like I've finally got my entire self back; body, mind, soul, blah, blah, bleck!

I did pilates today and look how skinny I look in my workout outfit. (Sorry for posting this, I just can't stop looking at it myself. It's about time I like the way I look!) I know I lost weight from the steroids, so I don't really deserve a "you go girl" since I haven't been working hard, but I do love being my size again. I still totally feel fat in my jeans though, so at least I know I'll always have that 'thing' in my brain talking me out of cheesecake.

Lucinda Williams pumps me up big time!

Today will be day 3 without a cigarette and, even though I'm craving one right now, I'm not going to smoke. I always said it before, but now I think I've proven it: I can't even smoke 1 cigarette on a whim or in a time of need or else I will be hooked again.

Tonight I have my lady/baby date! I'm very excited, but haven't been feeling this season of Sex in the City as much as I did season 1 and 2. There's still time to sway me and I was biased during the first episodes because I felt like I related to the Carrie/Big drama. I'm sure there will always be some drama I relate to, so I'll just keep on watching!

In honor of feeling great, Sex in the City tonight, and my lovely lady friends, I'd like to share the best advice I've heard lately regarding my "state."

-From the hospitable Shannon when I mentioned that I didn't want to sleep with anyone except my ex and that the thought of weenies made me sick, "There will come a time, when you meet someone you really like and you're going to really want to see his weenie. Until then, you don't have to see anyone's weenie if you don't want to."

-From the ever sensible Cara, "I'm sure there's a rockabilly girl out there who was dumped by her Cadillac King boyfriend and she feels like everyone knows her business and that she can't move on because he's everywhere, but nobody outside that scene even cares about rockabilly gossip."

-From my amazing dad in response to a tear-fueled email I sent him last week, "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results - Albert Einstein." I love that as a physicist he responds to my emotional rants with logic. Well, it worked!

-From the lovely Lela, "So, no more tears?" My response, "no more tears" as we high-fived. It was great!

I'm so ready for what's next and am completely inspired by Marcel the Shell to start working on our Vest Friends videos and a new Freckle Circus album. It's a happy Tuesday and I want to play.

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