Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Facts About LD

It's Wednesday, woot toot!

Speaking of toots, I never fart. I'm sure many of your know this, but it should be a common fact about me. I only wrinkle, and that happens on rare occasions.

Another common fact about yours truly is that I'm really good at winning things. Last night I won a free pass to the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival. As this is Austin, it's a requisite that there be a festival of some sorts weekly. Today marks the beginning of OOB and I'm excited to say that I won't be paying to see the shows I already had planned to see! Also, I get a +1, so at least one of my Vest Friends won't have to pay either. I'm most excited about seeing Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting tomorrow. Firstly, they're ladies so that appeals to me and secondly, their humor is broadly driven (haha, lady pun?) and I like that not everything has to be sexualized. I feel like most female comics are sort of pigeon holed into over-sexing everything. Granted, I love sexuality and associated humor, but do we all have to be sluts?! Well, the answer to that is, "yes, it's funnier that way!" That being said, watch this Christmas video from 2009:

Fact #3: Internet dating is getting on my nerves and I think I'm done with it, but let's at least finish out this week first since I have a date with Mario tonight. It should be great since Cara is all knowing and is pretty sure there won't be a connection! However, I'm hoping it's magic night at Nomad and we at least get to participate in a card trick.

Exciting tooth fact: Eeeeep, I'm so excited!!! Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment (the first of many) to begin work on my new teeth! The work won't be finished until October, but it's still very exciting for me. I've wanted this since 2000, so it's a little unreal to me that in a month and a half I'll be smiling pretty! Here are two pictures of my friends' teeth that I am bringing along with me, because I want grillz like theirs.

Lovely Lacey with her purrrfect smile!

Avan's Awesome grill!

Final fact: My new favorite thing to say is, "I'm too skinny to eat <insert food item here>." It's actually working out great! Jessica told me about free breakfast tacos last week and my response was, "I'm too skinny to eat tacos." Last night at my lady/baby date I turned down chocolate by saying, "I'm too skinny to eat candy." Trust me on this one, it works as motivation much better than telling myself, "Hey fatty, you shouldn't eat more cheesecake because you'll just get fatter." It's like a positive reinforcement for having lost 19 pounds since July! Oh guys, I'm trying to get 1 more off, just to make it an even 20, but I think I'm at my me weight so I'll just have to round up ;) !

Okay, so those are all the facts I can think of. Well, I did eat two sticks of string cheese today, so there's one last fact for you.

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