Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Review

Well, I had an exciting weekend even though I was hoping for something low-key before my vacation this week.

Saturday started off with my mailman complimenting me on my new hairdo and tattoo. He always calls me by name and we chit chat regularly. This time though, he asked if I wanted to get a drink with him sometime while telling me that technically he's not supposed to ask out clients. He's cute and probably around 37 with salty hair and tribal tattoos. We'll see what happens, but it freaks me out that he knows where I live and how many medical bills I have. Also, he once caught me sunbathing topless in my side yard and that was pretty embarrassing.

I went to the farmer's market with Julia for some smelly melons, fancy tomatoes, and a photo shoot for Julia's awesome reusable grocery bags. They are so neat and look just like those plastic ones you get at mini marts that say "Thank You" You should buy them off Etsy:

That's me with a squash

Support your friend's, y'all and buy an awesome bag!

Then, off to STAG for the flea market and some familiar faces: Shad, Don. I got some dental X-rays as afreebie. Shad's buddy had a shoebox full of them for $85. Although I could have had them for the awesome hookup of $40, I only wanted a couple so he gave me a handful. They would make an awesome lampshade or some other art project. I'm lazy and just taped Mrs. Ilene Hudleson's X-rays from March 5, 1974 to my window. 

I also found this neat grouse paw brooch:

Apparently, a whole grouse looks like this:

Strange bird!

Saturday night was a hectic one in theory: Lonely Ladies Planned Parenthood event, Beerland's birthday, and Contigo for Pam's birthday. I only made it to the later and had a lovely time. Pam taught me how to use bronzer and I realized why I don't like buffalo/wing sauce: it reminds me of vomit. We also witnessed two dog fights and the last one resulted in a poor little terrier bleeding. It was horrifying and gave Audra a nightmare. We closed down the place with lots of dirty lady talk and then I went home for Zzzzzzs.

Sunday morning was a lazy one. I called my mum on her birthday. She told me a very strange story about my dad thinking he saw my ex at the local Fry's. He followed him around a bit and then determined it probably wasn't him, but then a girl walked up to the ex look-a-like. Apparently, the girl looked just like me but chubbier and with darker hair. At this point, my mum tells me that she told my dad that I now have darker hair, put on weight because of my steroids, and they both were then wondering what we were doing together in a League City Fry's. I guess in some parallel universe we're still together and I'm still steroid fat.

I should have taken my mum's ex story as a warning, because hours later at our Vest Friends meeting there he was, at the counter talking to his model GF's, model BFF who works at a coffee shop. Ugh, my stomach turned and my hands were trembling. He likes my hair, thinks my new tattoo is perfect for me, misses me, and he wants to be friends. I wanted to stand on the picnic table and scream while kicking him it the face! I know, I know... I'm supposed to grow, forgive, move on, and not hold a grudge, but I think he is just a shitty person who treated someone he "loved" awfully and I don't think he will ever feel bad about that or apologize. I told him that and he said he didn't intend to be mean, and which point I reminded him of the emails he sent me where he stated otherwise. It's just so frustrating and I know the problem is that I still haven't resolved in my head that I can't fix this. I don't feel like he understands how much he hurt me, how he lied to me, and that as a result I don't trust him, respect him, and certainly don't want to be his friend. I love and respect my friends and don't have people in my life just to have phone numbers and bar pals. Anyhow, it would be too much work for him to earn my trust as a friend. This is a topic that I could talk about forever, but I need to move on...

Moving on... Sunday evening I had a fancy tasting dinner party at the Highball to preview their new menu. 13 course dinner with wine parings and Tim League. The conversation was great and was sort of like a round table interview session. We all took turns answering the same questions, like "what did you want to be when you were young?", "What are your words of wisdom to impart?", etc. It was really fun. I was nervous at first to be at a table of 11 complete strangers (food critics and Alamo exects) but I was a hit! It's frustrating sometimes to be so great at making lady friends, yet still be such a failure, romantically, with the men. I was talking to my mum about this same topic and she told me that whenever the right man comes along he won't be intimidated, but charmed. Mum's have to say that. Regardless, I had such a great dinner and then wrapped it up with a recap/nightcap with Julia.

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