Monday, July 11, 2011

Typewriter Fantasy

I have a new project in mind!

I need a typewriting and am hoping to borrow Julia's, although owning one would make this so much easier. I have never used a typewriting before, but I remember watching my mum use one and for some reason it makes me think that there are tricks in terms of ribbons, white out, backspacing, margins, etc.

I currently have a scrap paper journal. I have so many verbal communications and thoughts that go on in my head that I HAVE to communicate in some way in order to maintain my sanity. Many of these thoughts are just hodge-podge one-liners, random thoughts, and odd word combinations that make my eyes twinkle. I want to type these out instead of shoving them in an old garden pot and continue typing them until I've gone through an entire ream of paper. For whatever reason, this sounds like a brilliant idea to me!

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