Friday, July 8, 2011

Thursday's Tidbits on Friday

-Last night I had a blast with Gene Beam, Julia, and Beth with a double feature: Goonies and Mermaids. I think I could live without the Goonies, although I know that is heresy coming from my generation. Mermaids on the other hand, was my mum's go-to film whenever my sister and I were younger. Perhaps it is the sexy single mother of two that caused her to love it so much, but it always makes me wish I was watching it with her again while eating popcorn and laying down on the couch with my my head on her lap. Also, seeing Cher and Winona Ryder with such dark hair and milky skin made me like my dark hair even more.

-When I was a kid, I loved laying my head on my mum's lap and hearing her belly grumble. I imagine if you held a stethoscope up to an ant farm that it would sound like all the noises that the insides of people make.

-3Gs called me last night. I sent him a nice little card last week asking him to save the date for Beth and Matt's wedding because I wanted him to be my date. My mum, actually, told me that I should send him some snail mail because that is what men like in long distance relationships. I thought it was antiquated advice, but thoughtful nonetheless and since we stopped texing or calling each other I thought I'd give it a try. I think men in long distance relationships nowadays like sexts, but this isn't a long distance relationship and besides sending Julia and Karen pictures of Boris's nipple, I don't want to even start getting mixed up with sexting. Anyhow, whenever I see that he's calling me I get butterflies. It's silly, but I think it's harmless to have a crush on the sweetest Jersey boy I know. Ugh, I love his smile and I hope I get to see him next week when I'm in NYC.

-Here's the picture of Boris's nipple that he keeps asking me to send to my cat loving lady friends and Eric:

Cat Nip

-Last night I was informed that I had broken someone's heart. It was complete news to me and made me feel really shitty. I thought I was only responsible for one broken heart and, as a person currently living with a broken heart, I HATE the idea that I hurt someone. I was casually dating this guy for about six months whenever I met Allen and I didn't think he was that into me. This guy was honestly the nicest person I've ever dated, but at the time I was pretty sure he wasn't looking for something serious and neither was I. I think this just puts things into perspective. Even while being careful and honest, you can still hurt someone unintentionally. I think the key here is to just be the best person you can and treat others with respect. Adrienne once told me that all she can do is to make the 6 feet around her the best possible circle of 6 feet she can and I fully support that notion.

-Love this video Carrie introduced me to:

-Last night I hung out with an ex of mine, Nate. He lives just around the block from me and is moving out of the neighborhood. So, I texted him last night, he came over, and we had some beers together. It was a really great three hour conversation and I sort of have a crush on him again. (One blog about multiple crushes.... sheesh girl!)  The best part was just talking and reconnecting on a level different from when we dated. We were never unfriendly to each other these last few years, but I certainly feel like I've made a new friend after last night because the conversation was that enjoyable.

-This weekend I'm excited about Pam's birthday, my mum's birthday, Beerland's birthday, swimming, a tattoo appointment with my pigeon gal Billy, Stag's flea market, packing for Philly, Lonely Ladies benefit, and having Beth's car for another weekend! Have a great weekend, y'all. Yippee

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