Friday, July 1, 2011

Texts From Last Night

Here are my favorite texts from last night. I got some good ones:

"I have a date in 7 minutes and I'm so nervous I could puke."- LD

"Have fun don't puke it's not cute" -Pam

"Martha just told me she thinks you are pretty. Martha is a hussy!" -Jessica (Martha is also a dog)

"I noticed I am looking really good today so you should swing by and gaze at me." -Eric

"Forget about what's next. Just lick your palms and go to sleep like normal" -Julia

"I think you're beautiful, and cute, and sexy as hell, and smart, and funny, and interesting, and fun..." -The Date

"Wait for the 5th date...Make him work for it! Because eventually you'll get so comfortable you're farting and pooping with him, might was well extend the mystery while u can." -Pam

Thanks for all the support, friends!!!

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