Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let's Hear it For the Girls

I'm currently reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and this passage struck me:

"From that time on, remembering the stoning women, she hated women. She feared them for their devious ways, she mistrusted their instincts. She began to hate them for this disloyalty and their cruelty to each other... Most women had one thing in common... this should make a bond that held them all together it should make them love and protect each other against the man-world. But it was not so... They stuck together for one thing: to trample on some other woman... whether by throwing stones or by mean gossip. It was the only kind of loyalty they seemed to have. Men were different. They might hate each other but they stuck together against the world and against any woman who would ensnare one of them."

This book was recommended to me many years ago by a whirlwind best friend who is essentially dead to me. Our friendship was a "misery loves company" based relationship and I was so betrayed by her that I have never spoken to her again and never will. I rarely think of her and my friends never say the C-word around me. (Funny, the S-word is also one that makes the hair on my neck stand in attention). That being said, why do I have history with women that would give their life for me one second and vanish from my life the next? Granted, those girls have character flaws and are generally bad people, but I let them into my life and gave so much, so that must say something about my character as well. My grandmother swears against female friends and that has always seemed like a strange generational failing.

This past weekend I met a girl named Maggie at Jacob's pool. (I love it whenever I hear an Englishman say "called" instead of "named") She's been in Austin 3 months and moved here for her job without many friends in town. She was very nice, outgoing, fun, and we have a lot in common. Why is it so easy for me to pick up lady friends? This isn't a complaint; because I've never been happier than I am having such a great group of women in my life, but I wonder how I got such a great group of strong, outgoing, smart, and hilarious women in my life. Many of my girls were even put on hold for the last few years while I was accommodating a man, but they were always there and still are.

SXSW with Julia and Emily

This reminds me of a funny article I read in the Onion:
Area Woman Has the Best Friends in the World

With Lacey 4 hot summers ago

Anyhow, Maggie will just have to be put on the back burner for the time being, because all of my GF slots are currently full and there's a waiting list. Honestly though, between my regularly scheduled lady dates Monday and Tuesday, Vest Friends, band practice, the knitting circle, and dinner club that doesn't even leave me time for brunch, happy hour, or swimming! Also, I've been saying I wanted to do a Broken Spoke Wednesday ladies dance fest for months now and I still haven't had the time yet. I've never in my life devoted so much time to my gal pals and I've also never felt so taken care of! I know ladies with none or few lady friends and I wonder why their life is that way whenever my cup runneth over. If you judge yourself from the company you keep, then I'm freakin' awesome, caring, and fun to be around.

Othello with Beth

Another lady-excitement shout out: this summer I'm taking my first girlfriend vacation! Hell, this summer; we leave next week! Watch out New York and Philadelphia, Gene Beam and LD are coming and we're gonna wreck that shit.

SXSW with Gina, Beth, Heather, and Jamie

This post also makes me miss my mum, who was my 1st best friend. It's her birthday this Sunday (and Pam's too!) and I wish I could take her out and have another one of our all night wine chats.

Sloshballing with Pam

Side note: I don't have enough photos of me and my betches!

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