Thursday, July 7, 2011

Face the Changes

I've been off the roids for a few weeks now and my face is finally returning to it's old shape. Out of all the side effects of the steroids, this is the one that was hardest to deal with. I didn't feel like myself to begin with, and then on top of that I looked like a giant marshmallow face. I tried to document the changes, but wasn't very proactive in taking photos. The few I did follow below.

My face certainly ballooned to it's fullest in June and I stopped taking the roids June 20th. I still think I have some puffiness in my chin that hasn't gone down yet. My doctor told me I should return to my normal weight and face in about 2 more weeks. If it's a dramatic change, I'll surely keep you posted.

Yesterday I had a hair appointment with the talented Pam Ross at West End Salon. I just love what she does and how well she knows what I'm looking for. Last time I was looking for a big change, but she was very cautious about doing anything too dramatic. We went darker and changed my bangs, but I was shocked about how quickly my hair lightened. I would have never guessed how blonde I am naturally. So this time, I wanted more of the same: darker and a bang change. I really like the cut and the color will get a little lighter after I wash it. Right now it kind of looks black, but it is a dark brown with gorgeous, shiny, chocolate highlights.  Oh, and it smells amazing! I don't know what products she used, but I would be willing to pay $20 for a bottle of it and I'm typically cheap, cheap about beauty products. It's a clove-y, lavender scent that is divine! Pam said that I looked ambiguously ethnic and I love how the dark color makes my freckles subtle and my skin creamy looking. As always, I'm very pleased!

Fat Face- 06/03/2011
Fat Face- 06/09/2011

Less Fat Face- 06/26/11
New ME- 07/07/11

Here's some inspirational music about changes :P

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