Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hugs For Sale

I think the main thing I miss about being in love is having someone in my life that I know could make everything better. If you've heard me talk about my ex and my breakup, this statement might come as a shock. When things frustrated me, stressed me out, upset me, were overwhelming, etc. all it took was one hug from him and my mind felt at ease; like I could put it off until tomorrow. I love my GFs and they have always been there for me, but that "ssshhhhhh, baby" hug is something they can never give me. Ewwww boy, though, those girls sure can cheer me up like no other!

I need to find my inner "ssshhhh, baby" hug! Something that feels as great as this looks:

Okay, so that does look pretty creepy.

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