Wednesday, July 27, 2011

He Takes the Day

Oh yeah, I was going to post this the other day, but forgot. For whatever reason, Amy Winehouse always made me think of Karen. Megan was the person who introduced me to Amy Winehouse and she always said that Karen would have loved her. Anyhow, I played Back to Black until the CD wore out and then asked my dad to burn me another copy. I was spending lots of time with Chad and the Houston boys at that time and the first time I put the CD in Chad said, "What the hell is this shit, Darcy?!", but by the end of the night, that jerk hole was singling along to every song. I have had this song in my head as one of those pathetic break up pity fest numbers, and re-listened a couple of days ago. The daddy part at the end makes me miss my dad, too.

I know it may be confusing. I have two dads. 'Dad', 'Pops', 'Richard', 'Daddy' are all Richard, my dad, and 'Father' is my father, Dale. Now you know; get it right or pay the price!

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