Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby Whack Attack

My miss my dad. I just talked to him about my new niece, Audrey Ella. He's such a sweet man and was very worried about the baby for the entire 9 months since it was a complicated and high risk pregnancy. I was worried also, as we all were, but I was really touched with how effected he felt. He just went up to the hospital to have breakfast with her and said that she was precious and tinier and lighter than Helene (the tiniest cat in his menagerie). Audrey is actually named after his mother, so I think he was personally touched and heart-warmed. Grandpa is a fun role I'm sure, but whenever you have a little princess it must be even better.

I'm completely in a baby bug right now, which is bonkers! I've never wanted children; in fact I've despised them nearly my entire life. I think I'm just longing for something special; something that is kind of pointless but important. I'm being an emotional brat right now and am looking for a big change to smack me out of it, but I know I definitely will not be having any. Crazy Aunt Lola is all I can handle, but maybe I should visit my sweeties more often and babysit sweet Posey or Wyatt.

Favorite song to sing to babies (besides the ones I write myself):

Okay, super unexpected update: While searching for the T. Rex song, whose title I wasn't sure of, I stumbled upon Justin Beiber, who I've never heard before. I should have filmed myself for one of those terrible youtube reaction videos, because this shit brought me to tears at my desk!! I need help. My emotions are all out of whack, and not in the hip-hop way.

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