Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of My Pie

Nothin' but Tidbits:

-I gave $15 to a toothless homeless man because I had it and he told me to smile. I told him that I don't smile and he asked, "Why not, you've got all the good stuff: a shiny silver car, pretty face, and pink nails. SMILE!" I do have all the good stuff, but I wasn't about to tell him that it wasn't my car, I'm waiting for my fake teeth before I start smiling, and that I drunkenly painted my nails in my friend's backyard last night with nail polish from a pinata and didn't pay for a manicure.

-Today I had a lovely Fourth of July with Lacey, Bittany, Madalynn, Veronica, and the boys. We hiked (accidentally), swam, ate, and played hard. It was nice to spend so much more time with them than I usually get. We found this dead deer on our hike:

-I've decided: I've always said I hated kids, but I don't think I hate them. I don't want any of my own, but I might like to fall for a dude that already had a kid or two. After all, why would I want to ruin my hot bod with one of my own?! I LOVE Madilynne, Posey, Astrid, Willa, and Stevie P. They're great so long as I'm not responsible for their emotional development and I can just enrich their lives by being an aunt, fun friend, or potential step-mum. It's the same way my dad felt about my sister and I when he married my mum.

-Today, surely, wasn't as bad as I feared it could have been. That reassures me that each day gets easier even when there aren't fireworks.

- In April, I met my step-cousin and learned that she lived in Austin. In the last 4 years that we've lived in the same city, we've never bumped into each other. But today, I saw her at a secluded river beach area on the Guadalupe topless, hula hooping, and smoking dope. It was wonderfully hilarious saying hello to her. I enjoy my family and have never had a problem being myself with them, so I can only embrace that further!

-I bought this thing called a Pawpreaker for my kitties today. It's supposed to be like a catnip jawbreaker treat/toy ball for cats. My babies LOVE it! It comes highly recommended and they've lost it under the couch 4 times that I'm aware of today. At one point they spent 10 minutes trying to get it out from under the couch. I've never seen a cat entertained that long, even with something living, like a lizard. They knocked it down the stairs and I ran down to retrieve it for them, tossed it up the stairs, and hit poor Ceci right in the face, but she didn't care one bit! I wish I would have bought two or three so I didn't have to keep moving the couch and fetching it for them!

-Transcripted conversation I had with 5 year old Madilynn today:
Mad Love: Did you really break up with your boyfriend?
LD: Yes
Mad Love: Why?
LD: Because he was mean. 
Mad Love: Does he have a new girlfriend?
LD: Yes
Mad Love: Is she prettier than you?
YIKES!!! They sure learn early, huh? Fortunately, before I could answer her, her dad's phone rang and she was distracted enough that I could walk away. Last night we had a similar conversation, but that one eneded in her telling me that a ghost mermaid man was behind me and he was in love with me. Another cutsie: I burped while swimming and blamed it on her and she said, "um...actually, Lauren, that wasn't me!" She's too much for my heart.

-Even though I feel a bit unresolved and restless at the moment, I'm looking forward to my week: Grant submission and Steve Martin's busy summer is over, lady/baby date, ladies Trueblood, Crackpipes, Crispin Glover, a new hair do, and Pam & my mum's birthdays.

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