Monday, June 6, 2011

Too Many Words Describing My Weekend

Wow, what a weekend! I didn't even have time to blogger it up, so here goes:

Friday I had some very important doctors appointments about my current health condition. Things aren't going well for me, as many of my friends know due to my excessive complaints! My doctor said my face had become cherubic (AKA fat), called a lot of attention to the 20lbs I gained in May, and generally apologized for putting me on steroid overload for the last six months. I think he is taking the blame for a lot of things that weren't necessarily associated with the steroids, including my breakup, which is quite alright by me since I've already put fat face, weight gain, insomnia, anxiety, calcium depletion, depression, fatigue, dependency on pain medication, forehead hair, general moodiness, aggression, overindulgence of thrifting, asparagus-scented urine, and total loss of libido on his "blame list". 

I still love and highly recommend this doctor if anybody needs a Rheumatologist! On the up-side, I will slowly be weened off my steroids. Apparently, if I just stop taking them I can keel over and die because my adrenal glad is no longer working on its own. This is the wackiest thing I think I've ever gone through, but the grass is looking greener and my ass will soon be back to its normal size with no effort in about four weeks. Woo hoo, effortless weight loss and my old waist and chin size; I'm excited! Also, I'll be on some new miracle anti-cancer medication that kidney transplant patients take... sounds like fun with few side effects beyond the excessive upper lip sweat, potential to develop cancer, inability to digest celery, abnormally long leg hair, and belly button sensitivity. 

I had lots of BFF catch up time this weekend with JJ and my ladies. It was great. Friday night Wii play with AT, JJ, and Bob. Bob is my new favorite cat that isn't mine... sorry Gizmo. Bob likes to sleep on ottomans, have her butt scratched, and play with feathers. Her expression will never change regardless of her mood.


Saturday night gave me more AT and Julia. Alison and I have been trying to plan a ladies downtown dance/saki bomb fest for months now, but it was just as fun dancing by ourselves at my house while Julia played DJ. Saturday's soft-boiled egg breakfast with Gina turned into an impromptu visit to the Blue Hanger. We're both car-less so we took a Car2Go to the edge of the city boundaries and then walked two miles. I think this is proof that she and I have a Blue Hanger addiction. I got this great vintage metal cabinet thing you hang on your kitchen wall and it has compartments for tin foil, paper towels, plastic wrap, and wax paper. I loved it so much and it was pretty big to carry on the walk back, but I just couldn't leave it behind even though I don't have any wall space for it in my kitchen. So, of course, I bought it with the intentions of saving it until I could use it, but then a fella at Rio Rita fell in love with it so I gave it to him; win-win! Gina and I fought over a dress, which has never happened before. I had to barter to keep it by giving up a skirt and a different dress... all's fair in love and bargains.

After breakfast, Blue Hanger, and Rio Rita, Gina and I went to 2nd brunch at Yellow Jacket where Austin Pets Alive were doing a doggy event. By this time I had too much to drink (no, really?!) with the mimosas and horchata & rum cocktails, and I fell in love and nearly adopted two chihuahuas (Tipsy & Bama). 

Oh, Bama's a cutie

Fortunately, Gina suggested I sleep on it and I awoke in the morning glad I didn't have two new doggie friends. I have, however, decided while I can't have a dog, I am going to volunteer to be a doggy/kitty big brother/big sister. This is great for me, because it's essentially the same reason why I love being an aunt, but don't want to have children myself. I can go visit my little doggy sister, take her to the park, feed her some ice cream, go swimming in the lake, and then take her back home to her cold, barren, loveless prison cell. It sounds perfect for my lifestyle!

After narrowly escaping doggy-motherhood, Julia scooped me up to watch Hesher, which I loved! So, I've been schooled on the JGL (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and while I'm not swooning over him, nor have I ever, for some reason this movie really worked up my lady thoughts. Hmmmm.... am I looking for that stringy long hair, Andrew W.K. look-a-like, metal head with emotional issues after all? No, I don't think so... maybe it was the tighty whities. I don't know the reason, but here's the trailer. Go watch the movie:

Sunday wrapped up the weekend with Vest Friends. I could seriously lock myself in a room with these girls and be entertained for hours... which is basically what we do at our meetings. Well, that and the pillow fights. I think we basically created an hour's worth of an introductory skit show into the who and why of what we are. We got so much work done while drinking so many mimosas. Girls, I don't know if you realized this, but the four of us blasted through four bottles of the champies. Which, might be the reason I stayed in and missed the Mavs game while nursing a terrible headache. (I would like to take this time to emphasize that my lack of watching the game did not cause the Mavericks to lose. Perhaps Jamie and Audra should be blamed here as they watched the game and were rooting for the wrong team just because they are Florida girls.)

Don't even get me started about Modern Family. JJ got me turned onto it and, while I haven't had television in years and try to avoid it, I'm completely hooked. I don't know if this is the intended desire of the show's creators, but it really makes me want to have a family. I find the slight disfunction so comforting; not quite like the drama I grew up with. It makes me think I could be happy with a dope for a husband and bickering children. I won't jump the gun on this one like I nearly did with the chihuahuas.... I'm gonna stick to my goal of having a claw-foot tub for now and put off this "notion" for another 10 years.

Today is my Grandpaw's birthday! He always signed his emails, cards, and letter's that way. I don't know if he did it on purpose or accident, but I love paws so it works for me. He would be 71 today. (yes, he's dead) I'm gonna ride on a motorcycle today in his honor! Okay, that last part was a joke. He once told me never to ride on the back of a motorcycle with a man unless he loves me. Otherwise, he will be showing off to bed me and could kill me, while someone who loves you drives safely.
I love you, Grandpaw and you're still the only man who will ever get all of my heart! Wish you were here!


Jessica said...

I want to know more about forehead hair.

The LD said...

This forehead hair is essentially the lowering of my brown line and looks like pretty peach fuzz.