Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Tidbits


- Look at this amazing water slide in Sicily at the Citta del Mare hotel. I want to slide into the Mediterranean Sea!!

- I wanted to know what squirrel poop looked like so I googled "what does squirrel poop look like." Aren't you curious too?

This key is larger than squirrel poop.

- I read this hilarious post on Jessica's tumblr: "A great way to spend Friday night is to Google Image Search your job title and judge the head shots of other people in your position. Mine are mostly middle-aged white women with terrifying hair. I can’t post example because that is mean spirited!" Of the images that came up, I liked this one best

Angry Administrative Associates

Oh wait, I technically have two job titles:

Editorial Assistants wear bugs on their faces

- 6 Plants Your Cats Will Love: I like the pictures of the kitties in this article. Boris has been eating and throwing up grass for months. Jamie gave me some organic cat nip seeds that are blooming wonderfully, but I can't get the jerk to eat them.

This 'lil guy looks like Cousin Gary

- Jacqueline Susan wrote an short story for Family Circle about a pigeon named Gwendolyn who liked to watch Busby Berkeley movies on the TV. I read this in Lovely Me and have since been desperately trying to find the story. While I probably shouldn't, I've found countless reasons to think that good 'ole Jackie and I are two ladies cut from the same rags. Gwendolyn the pigeon is another one of those many reasons.

-All this Weiner's wiener scandal has got me flipped around. I don't think I've ever been sexted! So, I sexted myself and took this picture of my ass looking great in jeans today. These are miracle butt jeans and I frequently turn around to look at my tush in the mirror whenever I'm wearing them. Take a look:

It's hard to take a pic of your own butt.

- This is what I'm going to do with my Gma this weekend....relax like cats in old lady style basket hats

- I haven't bought my plane ticket to Philly yet, but I'm getting super excited and antsy about my summer vacation!!! Cheese steaks, NYC, medical oddities, Marcel Duchamp.....eeeeeeeek I can't believe I will finally get to see my most favorite piece of art in person. Gina's gonna have to keep a handle on me because I think I may faint or break down the door: look through peepholes

...and see this lovely lady
Here's how it works

- I have lost 2lbs of my steroid weight this week... only 18 more to go! I start my new medication whenever I find the time to stop off at the pharmacy to pick it up and I'm really optimistic. The only side effect is some strange blood cancer, which I'm not supposed to be prone to, but I'll have to get blood work almost weekly for the first 6 weeks just to make sure I don't get the big C. That makes me a little nervous, but I'm so ready to be off these steroids and to get my health back in order. Even though I have always dealt with chronic illness, I'm just not used to being sick all the time. Wish me luck!

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