Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pukey Searches for Happiness.

I've been so sick lately and busy at work I haven't had any blog time!

Last week was a disaster; kidney stones and vomiting. My pals were super sweet and took good care of me. Beth, Gina, Eric, and JJ all came to keep me company and bring me goodies. I got countless texts of concern from the other friends, which felt great too. I'm not use to getting so much attention over medical issues, and trust me, the medical issues are extensive. It made me feel safe to be sick and able to complain without worrying that anyone would lash out. Everyone thought I was a brave little girl! I didn't get to have much fun for Gina's birthday BBQ, but here's a picture of me getting a massage from sweet B before I went home early.

Gina, Sickie, Beth, and Bridget in the background

Friday was the only day I went to work last week and even then it was for just a few hours. I was feeling better, but still not 100%. We had the first ever Ladies of the UT Club happy hour to send off Lorena on her last day. It was fun, refreshing to spend some time with a new group of people, and it put me in the mood to go out for the night. Beth and Matt were at PinballZ and it only took one call to Julia and we were there; 6 pack in tow. I told the PinballZ pros (Eric, Jessica and Jacob) and before you knew it there was a nice little reunion with Roger and Rachel unexpectedly in attendance too. I had fun, met a cute boy who I gave my phone number to even though now I hope doesn't call me (I sooooo do not want to date!), and got to bed early. I call that a success.

Saturday morning was another puke fest, but the afternoon was divine! Ladies day at Bridget's in honor of Gina's birthday with the cooling pool with strawberry basil sangria. Momma wasn't drinking, but I love basil cocktails!

Gina & Bridget, pre-soak

Oooo, it looks so nice!

Fancy sparkly from Michael for Gina.

The gals taking a dip: Catherine, Bridget, Andre, Gina

After a full day of sun I needed at nap, which happened at 7pm just after taking my miracle "spit pills" and here is what followed. Yes, a huge, massive drool spot on my pillow! I've talked about the "spit pill" induced drool spots before, but now, here is the proof.

Right hand included for perspective

My plan was to nap for an hour, head out to the Golden Boys show, and then off to Gina's dance marathon birthday party turned regular A Giant Dog show. But I stayed in bed until 10pm and then decided to stay in for the night until I discovered that Julia and Karen were just around the corner. I'd been home in bed sick all week, so I had to get out of the house for a few drinks, which of course turned into going to Gina's not-birthday show after.

With Gina, not at a dance marathon party. We don't look amused.

Boots for GP, white Keds for me

I love getting out and about with Julia. We come up with some of the best one-liners in response to the idiots that approach us. For example: the German jerkhole twins of SXSW became "Deutsche bags". Also, "Fatty wanna party?!" might be the new way I start referring to myself whenever I'm in the mood to get wild.

Saturday night just reinforced my lack of interest in dating or meeting new people. I saw a cutie, went up to him, rubbed his tattooed arm and said, "I've never touched a scorpion before"(a great pick-up I thought) and he responded, "It's a dragon.""Well, I've never touched one of those either" was my quick response. He was super cute, for sure and Julia can confirm, but then after talking to him I was so disinterested. I guess I don't know what I'm looking for, but I'm surely not finding it. I'm looking for fun meets reality. I'm a party girl with a strong work ethic and I'd like the same. Ugh, I'm so not the dating type. Let's just see where this leads me....

Sunday, I went to Blue Hanger with Jessica and Karen, who had never been before. I got the standard dresses I always seem to find and a cute little ottoman that I want to refinish and cover. Afterwards we had pizza and went swimming. That evening I watched Wuss at Cinema East with Alison. I had a lovely time and we girl talked until the early hours of the morning afterwards. I love how all of my lady friends can provide me with sane perspectives that are different from each other. I feel fortunate to have my girls.

Monday was another puke fest. I can't take all this vomiting! My doctor has pinpointed the cause to my new miracle pills, which suck. Now we are talking about injections which I was trying to avoid. In the meantime, I'm off the stuff and hoping to stop puking soon. Monday night with the Trueblood girls and it was certainly a much-needed reunion. Ugggh, I want to break off a piece of Eric Northman so bad. I guess if I don't want to meet sexy new guys, fantasizing about the ones on the television is a good alternative. "Yes, Eric Northman I will marry you, but first you will have to fight Dirk for my hand."

Here are my Tuesday Tidbits:

-Look at this dog and laugh!

-This is Bridget and Michael's cat Auggie. He is such a handsome boy. I think I need a subsection of my blog for pictures of other people's pets.


- I'm tired of my cats thinking (pooping) outside of the box!
- I really want Janet Jackson Rythm Nation on vinyl.
- I'm not as excited about Philadelphia as I was last week, because now I want to keep my money and not buy a plane ticket. 
-I'm just being a brat. Who wants to help me de-brat?!

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