Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Poor 'Lil Sickie Baby

I remember my mum telling me, when I was a sick child, that crying would only make it hurt more. She was right then and she's right now. I'm wallowing in some self-pity. Sure, I thought last month was medically hard, but I wasn't physically ill and stuck in bed. Oh, I just feel so beaten up and in pain. Also, it's so hard to not look back at my illness in Febraury and be sad about that instance all over again. Oh, self-pity isn't a good color for me.

Sickie Tidbits

-The kitties love all this time in bed.

-I'm 100% off the steroids!!

-What makes Jamacain Gingerale, Jamacian and why is it so much better than Canadian Gingerale?

-I'd like to become active in the medical marijuana campaign. (I mean beyond just smoking it.) Seriously though, after vomitting from kidney stone pain for hours, how do you keep a pain pill in your system? And this is just the little stuff; I remember my Grandpaw's experience with medical marijuana when he had cancer.

-I've started thinking of 'high-class butler' as a potential new career choice. Although, I don't really like waiting on others. The thought only came to mind after watching Doris & Bernard about Doris Duke and her butler. I'd make a great expensive pal to do gardening, boozing, and traveling with.

-It appears that whenever I'm deathly ill (deathly being used here lightly, although not so light the last time I used the term) Steve Martin has the most pressing of important issues!

-I have really great friends. Thanks to all of you who've stopped in and taken care of me. It has meant a lot and really been helpful. I know I live just behind a grocery store, but it's just a struggle walking to the bathroom, I couldn't imagine making it to HEB. And, I know not everyone can drop their lives to play my nurse-maid, so thanks for the calls and texts too.

-I'm going to miss Alamo's ladies night cute fest tomorrow night and I'm super bummed about that, but when I move from the bed to the couch tomorrow, I will attempt to view and post my own favorite cute videos.

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