Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Tidbits

Okay, so I lied about posting cutsie videos. It turns out I'm too busy and too important. Anyhow, here are some that I've seen recently and really that should be enough for now:

Julia and I have been playing a silly "name that cover band" game back and forth via text. The other day I sent her "Group of entomologists in abusive relationships in a Black Eyed Peas cover band: The Black Eyed Bees." I know, I know: it's pretty lame, but it has been pretty good for a quick laugh in the middle of the day. Yesterday she told me that Sean, her coworker, after hearing it, said that I am now his Mitt Romney. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but he assured Julia that is was a compliment. He's supposed to be super sexy so I think I'm a little excited about being Sexy Apple Sean's Mitt Romney even though I know nothing about either of those men. Yee-haw!

Since I've been non-blogging during my recent illness, there are lots of things to catch up on. Like my sister's baby shower, Astrid's swim meet, my recent visit with my mum, father's day breakfast with my father, Gina's birthday, blah, blah, blah. I'm not going to catch up.... it makes me feel overwhelmed so you just got the nutshell.

Two things on eBay that blow my mind:
1. Stuffed pigeon. I have really wanted a realistic looking stuffed pigeon to snuggle with, and not that dorky Mo Willem's pidge. I even, on a alcohol-induced emotionally-driven rant, told JJ that I would pay $250 for a realistic, cuddly pigeon. Now of sound mind, I think that is absolutely ridiculous, but apparently I'm not the only crazy person on earth who wants a stuffed pigeon. This sucker sold for $188!!!   Link to eBay Description

One pricey pidge!

2. Another thing on my wish list are Victorian tools to make hair jewelry. I collect human hair, love Victorian hair sentimentalities, and have been wanting to start making jewelry, but find it really hard without the proper tools. This just came up on eBay yesterday and it's going to be mine! I'm the top bidder and I'm willing to pay $ALOT (That's pronounced dollars a lot)) Cross your fingers and if I win maybe I'll put the hair of a dead cat woven into a ring on one of them.

This is one of the prettiest mourning rings with hair
that I have EVER seen!

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