Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Girls, Girls, Girls!!

My steady Tuesday lady/baby date was a little different last night and sweet little Posey stayed home. I went with Cara and crew to Cap City Comedy Club for Matt's PUNCH!, ( which was a lot of fun! I'm a good laugher! I really like saying that and think I'll put that on my personal list of qualities I like about myself. However, sometimes I just get a little embarrassed by the things that I'm laughing at. Also, last night I realized that whenever people are addressing an audience on stage, I find myself talking back way too much; like it's some sort of personal conversation they're having with me and I need to reply. Or, at least, stopping myself from talking back. It's like that R-tarded communication disorder I was fearing several blogs back. Anyhow, last night was a blast and I just don't know what I'm gonna do without my Cara Tuesdays for the next few weeks while she's vacationing. I'm gonna have to go out and take Jager bombs all by myself! If you see me moping at the bar, just take a Jager bomb with me and tell me a story about your baby.

So....way to go Mavs! Last night's timing turned out great so I could watch the beginning and ending of the game. Wait, no.... I didn't watch the ending. I watched the 3rd quarter at Cap City and then called Eric and asked him to tell me what was happening as he was watching the ending. He did a pretty good job sports commentating and my unfrozen caveman basketball player sweetie did a great job of playing with a 101 degree fever, the flu, and a busted finger. Damn, I love Dirk. I don't really like these nail biting games that go right to the last second and the barely-scraping-by scores. As long as my boys win!

I also had a great impromptu lady at-home happy hour with Karen. Such a nice surprise! We were catching up at the UT Club and gabbing with coworkers about the gossip and drama that has been evicted from my life when I just didn't want it to end. didn't! And, as if I haven't said this before, I am just so in love with my lady friends. For example, even today at lunch with Jessica and Jennifer (coworkers are supposed to suck but these are the best!) I was reminded about how great the women in my life are. My sweet Grandmother thinks female relationships are typically catty, demeaning, and competitive. I'm her best girlfriend and, although she's had best lady friends in the past, I couldn't imagine not being surrounded by all the awesome estrogen that is pumping through my pals.

Speaking of my sweet Granny, she has pneumonia! I'm going up to Dallas this weekend to provide some TLC. She'll be okay, I just don't want my Granny sick without anybody to take care of her.

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