Monday, June 13, 2011

Just Another Monday Describing Sunday

Oh, what a weekend! The sick grandma was miserable; miserable and she took it out on me. Misery loves company, but not this girl. I hid out in her spare bedroom, cried a lot, and watched terrible movies like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Bucket List. Saturday I had just about had it and told her to get back in bed and stay there. She wanted soup, but she didn't want me to make it in her kitchen or go out to pick any up... it was a moody merry-go-around. I just left, went to Central Market, bought buckets of soup (various flavors), juice, milk, NyQuil, and beer! While she napped I threw on my bikini and laid out in her backyard with my book, beer, and fancy snacks from Central Market. It was exactly what I needed!

My tears weren't entirely her fault...GD steroids. Thank goodness my dad explained steroid withdrawal, or else I would have made a lot of terrible and pathetic decisions. Oh, the text messages and grovelling phone calls I narrowly escaped! So, I have two more drops in steroids left before I am off the juice. Hopefully the emotions stay at bay, but if they don't I'll be ready for it. I truly am a person in charge of their emotions for the most part, which made this weekend so unexpected and rough on me. I couldn't shake the tears even if I knew they were ridiculous and pointless. On another steroid point, I am loving the drop in dosage! My legs have never looked better and are bruise free. Also, my rare skin disease seems to be missing. It's frustrating, because parts of me are wondering if the steroids where the problem the entire time and maybe increasing them was only exacerbating the situation. Regardless, I'm starting to feel more and more like myself emotionally and medically... now to just get rid of this huge moon face and fat ass I have!

So here's the funny part: on the way to Dallas ZZ Top's Pearl Necklace brought me to tears.

On the way home, this song had me crying... and then I realized it was on a religious channel. Oh what a mess I was this weekend!

So, last night granny sent me a very sweet email thanking me for taking care of her and apologizing for being such a jerk. I really feel bad for her, cause I know how much it sucks being sick and not having anybody to help you out. I forgive her and she also gave me my typical presents: lots of pretty lace side thongs from the lingerie store she works at and some sweet little baby clothes for Audrey Ella, my new niece.

Happier notes:

- I stopped off at junk shops on the way to Dallas and found some things that really cheered me up: this awesome pickled baby octopus for $3. I named him Maurice and he's on my night stand hanging out.


A painted metal chicken for my garden.


A Calvin Coolidge election pin. Coolidge is my favorite president!!

This gorgeous Turkish pillow cover:

- This is my Grandma's tinny, yappy dog Dior


- Last night was amazing! The Mavs won the Championship... 1st time ever even though they were long overdue. Ugh, I cried (GD steroids), but this time they were tears of joy. Then Gina, Wes, RT, Catherine and I jumped into the oversized baby pool Gina and I had spent hours trying to figure out, set up, and fill. We had a great little celebratory pool party and then finished up with Wes' Basketball music video (Of course, my favorite part are the pigeons!). It was the  perfect ending to a rough weekend.... and I ate some steak, too!

Catherine, Wes, Mwah, RT 

Topo, Catherine, and Gina & Wes playing "belly bulge"

Topo Chico meets a Coca Cola

East Side DawgZ

Topo and Gene Beam in her sexy 'lil 60's 'kini

RT doing the monkey dance

Wes as things get "hard and weird" 

Things are getting back to normal and I'm looking back at this weekend's emotional overload as a bit of a joke. Seriously, I will never allow steroids to be a part of my medical regiment ever again!

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