Friday, June 24, 2011


Some days make you go, "ARRRRRRRGGGGGGH" and today is one of those days for me. To counteract, here are some reasons why today is great:

-Friday summer beer lunches with Gina, Jessica, and JJ. Even Carrie joined today!
-I'm wearing my poodle pin, Maude as seen in this photo:

Maude is to the right! White poodle!!

-Having the 1st ever "ladies of the UT Club" happy hour this evening.
-Jessica just gave me mixed berry flavored generic Tums and my tum tum will start to feel better soon.
-My scale told me that I am 7lbs lighter.

Okay, that's all the cheer I have for the moment. Tomorrow is Gene Beam birthday queen day and Sunday is Jessica, Blue Hanger, and Vest Friends meet the Party Down cast and have try to make a bootay festival out of it.

Ugh.....goodnight today!

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