Friday, June 10, 2011

Family Drama Day

Yikes it has been quite a day!

So, I'm in Dallas with my grandma. I love her dearly, even though much of the family would kindly say that she's a hard pill to swallow. It wouldn't be an understatement to say that I may be the only person who understands her. Well, she's sick, which is something I've never dealt with before. My sister, the nurse, once stayed with granny after a foot surgery and the stories were horrendous! Now, I'm experiencing the grumpy granny from hell first hand. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I very nearly yelled at her to get her ass in bed and let me make her some soup instead of driving around from restaurant to restaurant insulting hostesses whenever the soup d'jour wasn't to her liking.

Family drama tidbits for the day:
- My nephew has 2nd degree burns on his shoulder from an unfortunate BBQ accident.
- My sister is 8 months pregnant and was rushed to the hospital with labor pains.
- My dad had a lady ring his doorbell with a gun in her hand while I was on the phone with him.

So, I've Been having an oddly emotional day, sprung from and oddly emotional week. While talking to my dad today, he told me that you get emotional "coming down" from steroids. This explains so much. I was crying nearly the entire drive to Dallas. Every single song on the radio worked me into a tizzy. At one point, I had to pull over because the tears produced by ZZ Top's "Pearl Necklace" were so thick I couldn't see to drive. This is not normal me! Also, that story made my dad laugh really hard which felt so wonderful! I miss my mum and dad and can't wait to hang out with them next weekend at my sister's baby shower (if she can keep that baby in long enough to have one!)

I love junk shops! I didn't find much today. I got a pair of coral earrings, a Calvin Coolidge (my favorite president) election pin that I've already lost, a pretty embroidered Turkish pillow cover, some records, a baby octopus, and a metal chicken.

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