Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yay for Saturday

Oh, how I love my newfound Lauren Saturdays! It's insomnia at its best. Waking up at 5am (regardless of how late I stay out Friday night), turning on the lights and radio, and listening to NPR in bed while snuggling next to my favorite fur face Boris has felt so independent to me. I like being alone.... a lot! I like doing what feels natural (if insomnia is considered natural) regardless of the time of day. So, here I am now at 7am, ready to make a delicious breakfast nudie, just for one.

OJ, strawberries, sprouts & my 1st garden tomato,
and scrambley eggs with veggie sausages

One shocking thing that has already happened to me this morning is learning that a new The Cars album was released nearly two weeks ago!!!! OMG, someone dropped the ball on this one and I'm just going to go ahead and blame my Dad, who is always telling me about new albums I would like or be interested in.The Cars and The B-52's are my top favorite bands. I'm completely out of the loop most of the time in terms of current events, television, movies, entertainment, etc. and I've been trying to stay more on top of things by listening to NPR at home. I guess finding out via Sound Opinions means my plan has worked, but needless to say, I'll be headed to Waterloo today to buy the record. I know it won't be the same without Benjamin Orr and from what I've heard so far the record will probably sound about as bad at Door to Door was, but I couldn't care less at the moment. After doing some investigation, I also learned the boys have been touring this month. Ugh, I would have gone to Oakland to see them and Greg, so that's a little frustrating, but now I just have another potential summer tour to look forward to. Lela, I can't believe we just bonded over The Cars last Sunday and then this comes up... if they come to Austin, we're so there.

Yay, it's Beth's birthday today. Happy birthday, boo. Having a best friend for 5 years that never lived in the same town has always worked for us, but I'm so happy you moved to Austin. I was nervous before you got here, but I couldn't imagine us ever living in different cities again. I love you, you come from good stock, and here's to many more celebrations in our future. XO

SXSW 2007- Here comes trouble

Look at this advertisement the internet spies created for my blog. I saw it yesterday just above my Those Junkie Bums post. I love pigeons!!

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