Friday, May 6, 2011

Workin' for the Weekend

Yay, it's Friday....This summer JJ, Jessica, and I (and anyone else that is interested in joining) will be having Friday beer lunches. Today was the 2nd even though I'm not sure if summer has officially started. Regardless, it is a great mid-day work break and a nice reward for getting through the week. Also, it is completely acceptable under UT policy, so there's no need to worry about that, dad!

Yesterday, Cinco de Mayo, the kitties had a little fiesta with kitty cat sombreros, pinatas, y cervezas. What, you don't believe me?! Here's the proof:

Okay, so Charlie isn't my cat and Boris and Cecilia didn't celebrate Cinco de Mayo. It's okay because Boris is Russian and Cecilia is Dutch and they just don't understand Mexican customs, so they didn't feel left out of the celebration. I didn't celebrate either, unless you count the fact that I saw a taco wearing high heels downtown and it startled me.

Um, I'm trying to put this off, wonder if I'm going to dish the deats about dates all the time, cause that might get a little awkward eventually, but I promised and I know some of you are anxiously awaiting the dirt. I guess we'll just play it by ear for the time being....I went on my date last night. It was nice! He was nice. We watched Everything Must Go, which turns out to be based on a short story I recently read and hated. However, I really enjoyed the movie and got to see Will Farrell, who is about 6' 3" we decided. I would have taken a picture (for the blog of course), but didn't want to feel silly and star struck. I don't think I get star struck, but it was neat. Afterwards we went to Emo's for Man Man, who I've apparently seen 15 times according to Emily. I think I'm done seeing them, but then again there are lots of bands I would probably go see as long as it was free. I talked a lot and we laughed and we kissed. I like the kissing part and want to go on another date and I think that's all the dirt I have.

I haven't been swimming yet this season. Wait, that's not true, I went in April. Well, I'm hoping to go swimming this weekend, but we'll have to see what happens. Tomorrow is the 1st LUPEC meeting which I am very excited about. We'll be organizing charters, board members, blah, blah, bizniz, cocktails, ladies... I'm really excited about getting everything started and inviting all my gals out for events. Also, I'm taking sweet B to Lucinda Williams for her birthday, so it looks like Saturday is going to turn into another lady-fest. Sunday date with Jessica to replay our Blue Hanger trip last week without the car drama. This will be my 3rd trip to Blue Hanger in one week and I'm wondering if that constitutes as addiction. I'm gonna focus on trying to find a pair of high waisted, dark, jeans that I can make into sexy summer shorts. No more floral onesies, please. Also, I need to get my garden in order, so I think a bike ride to Home Depot with a snow cone on the way home is on the list as well.

Have a nice weekend my lovelies!!!

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