Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Yeah, so I guess I pretty much blog every day...I've decided that I'm communicatively dependent. I have too many thoughts in my head that would drive me nuts if I didn't talk, email, chat, text, write, etc. Actually, several days ago I had a really pathetic dream that I went to a doctor who told me they just discovered a new type of mental retardation that caused hyper communication and that I had it. In my dream I was grief-stricken trying to decide if I should tell my friends that after 29 years I had finally been diagnosed with mental retardation. Fortunately it was just a dream and I'm hyper communicative without the R-tardedness. Whenever I told Gene Beam she laughed and said that it sounded like it could really be true. Oh well, so I'm a chatty Kathy. I also have lots of little scrap notes that I write myself throughout the day. I started a trash can journal where I just put all the scrap notes into a big aluminum planter to mix them all up. It's like a hodge-podge journal that nobody would ever be able to figure out dates for. Sometimes I like to just pull out a scrap of paper and read it, kind of like a raffle; not sure if I'll get a happy memory, sad thought, or last week's grocery list. Here's a pic:

My friend sent me this picture of a pigeon from outside his window. This apartment complex is really pigeon friendly and the few times I've been there they cuddle up and sleep at night on the ledges. The picture made me really happy. I just think, "what is that pigeon thinking?" You know how in cartoons some pigeons are British or have mobsters accents....what is this guy? I'll be getting my pigeon tattoo on the 21st of May and I'm pretty excited about it!

Last night's dinner: spaghetti and clams! It was delicious!!!!!

I seriously can't get enough of the Duchess and the Duke right now. I listened to them on overload whenever I first heard them after Greg recorded this album, but for some reason I just started listening again. It's playing on repeat at my house. Here's another video, because I like posting videos and pictures and fun things to keep Jessica entertained (random shout-out, lame!):

I've decided to start looking for men on the internet. This is my preferred site:

Also, east side pregnancy prevention campaign is so cool y'all. I wish I could stay teen!


Apples said...
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Jessica said...

For looking at men on the internet, I recommend Baby City Babes about 20% of the time.