Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Tidbits

Yesterday, I worked feverishly and diligently, and even went into the UT Club during the lunch hour so I could play with Beth after work.  Our first stop was my 2nd visit to the Blue Hanger this week. Digging in hundreds of bins full of unsorted clothes has become my new favorite workout. Seriously though, my arms and abs get a better work out there than I do during some Pilates classes. I found a few treasures. As if my Hawaiian print romper wasn't enough summer wardrobe excitement, I found another colorful onesie. This one is actually a 1950's swimsuit, but it has too much fabric, in my opinion, to be a swimmer, so I'm just going to wear it as a play suit. It's pretty darn cute!

My other treasure was George Strait's Strait Country. I know I've heard this album before, but it blew my mind. Also, with the Lone Star sign on the back cover, I can tell this was meant to be. Oh Georgie, you know me too well. 

Seriously some of the best songs and lyrics for my mood right now:
-That woman that I had wrapped round my finger just came unwound.
-Every time you throw dirt at her you lose a little ground.  This is my favorite on the album and is like the story of my life! Youtube didn't have it, so the 2nd best on the album follows.

After shopping we went to McKinley State Park for some hiking with the pooch. We got a little misguided and did more hiking than I had originally planned, but it felt great to be outdoors and exercising. And afterwards we rewarded ourselves with delicious margaritas...not bad for a Wednesday!

- Last night my GF Pam was in Houston consulting on a new salon concept that sounds amazing, so she wasn't available to come over for the pre-date dress up session she's always been great at. Instead, we did it long distance with the help of technology and I picture texted my options to her until we picked the cutest outfit. 

-I was bitten by a brown recluse in college and have been afraid of spiders ever since. My policy is always, KILL, KILL, KILL IT! Last night, however, I had a spider on my ceiling which I did not kill. I named him Mike and kindly asked him to keep his distance and stay out of my bed. Things were amicable all night.

-Here are the adorable winners of the 2011 NPA Grand National Pigeon Show: and my favorite little guys follow:

Crested Saxon Field aka Bellbottoms!


Old Dutch Capuchine

Pigmy Pouter. These guys are sooo tiny with their little man legs.

Beautiful calico Persian Roller
Whenever I get the yard space, I'd like a Roller, Frillback, and some standard city Rock Doves. Something about pigeons just make me crinkle my nose and squeal with joy.

-Yesterday I saw a mother pet her daughter's hair and it made me miss my mum. Too bad I won't be making a trip to Houston for Mother's Day, but at least I did get to see her a few weeks ago. Love you, mum!

-Julia makes the best Jell-o ever!!

Cherry Coke Jell-o with fresh whipped cream a wine glass!!! That spells K-L-A-S-S-Y

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