Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday on Tuesday

Firstly, I think my right foot has shrunk. My shoe will not stay on when I walk. I'm going to take this as a sign of good luck and carry on with my life... with or without my right shoe firmly attached.

Secondly, I never really blogged about my lovely Sunday!
-Brunch and lots of mimosas with Beth, her daddy, and Matt. This girl will never get enough mimosas. I ate turkey sausage!

-Renegade Craft Fair with Lela. I was kind of hoping to find a ring or necklace, but nothing really spoke to me. I thought a lot of the jewelry was all kind of the same. I did fall in love with Ryan Berkeley and his animal portraits.

It was funny having just gotten an animal portrait tattoo to walk into his booth and want to buy one of everything. I had two friends tell me to stop by there, so I guess my interests are pretty well known. I think I'm going to buy the otter picture on a pillow, it's just so great! Buy his stuff online: http://www.etsy.com/shop/berkleyillustration?ga_search_submit=&ga_search_query=ryan+berkley&ga_page=2&ga_spelling_accepted=ryan+berekley&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_facet=handmade  :

- My male BFF gave my number to a coworker suggesting that we go out for drinks. This made me excited to think that perhaps JJ found someone perfectly amazing for me, because after all, you'd expect your BFF to know your type. I "accidently" met the fella today, but I think I'd actually rather stay home and do my laundry then go out with this guy. I'm not really in the dating mood, feel too busy to make the time, and this one seems a little dopey. We'll have to see...

- Peelander Z!!! I love Peelander Z and got to see them record Sunday evening. I've seen recording before, but these guys were like no other and were having so much fun. It was super exciting. I have a crush on Green, who has a crush on Madison, but he did remember me and gave me a hug. When he hugged me he sort of threw his arm into my brand new tattoo, which hurt so I yeeeped, withdrew, and he jumped away. It was funny, but the words, "new... yesterday" translated enough to explain. Yellow told me the Japanese word for the bird was omu, which actually means parrot, so I'm thinking perhaps my pigeon isn't so pigeony. Or maybe they just don't have pigeons in Japan. Either way, it was a great wrap up to my weekend and I have a photo of me looking the fattest I ever have in my life, which I will gladly post:

Red, Fatty, Green, Lela, Yellow, Madison

- Beth and I saw Snoop Dogg helping wash windows on the side of I-35 and Airport:

Yes, that is a Snoop Dogg cardboard cutout!

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