Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday at Sunrise

When shopping, I always go generic and I firmly stand behind my belief that generic 'Nilla Wafers taste even better in banana pudding than the name brand. However, when it comes to paper products I just can't believe how terrible the cheapies are. HEB currently has a 'buy the generic toilet paper, get the name brand free' bargain and against my better judgement I went for it. After all, why not take free toilet paper?! Oh my lovelies, don't fall for the deal... the HEB TP is WTF bad.

Last week I went to Pinballz for a bday party (my 2nd-1st date fella's...LaRick the French bulldog) and I am hooked! Jamie and Jessica had told me about this place: BYOB, DDR (that's Dance Dance Revolution for those of you newbies), skeeball, and all the goodies. Friday night I lady dated with Beth and Julia and got a my 3rd rabbit's toe as a prize. I've wanted one since I had my first purple one as a kid that I wore all the fur off of by rubbing it against my face. In February I found one in the gutter of 6th street, washed it, and thought I'd be able to love it similarly, but it was disgusting. Now I have a new red one and it gives me the biggest child smile I've ever had from a rabbit. I picked out the gimpy curled one, because that fits my heart best. The Pinballz girl was not amused with the fact that a rabbit had to die to make me happy and let me know that "it hurts" to take fingers from rabbits.

I got my 3rd tattoo, and the best yet... man, oh man, I don't know why, but I love pigeons so freakin' much. There's something in my brain that makes my serotonin levels rise every time I see one! Billy at Bijou is amazing. Call her, make an appointment, get an awesome tattoo! I brought two books just incase I wasn't able to maintain entertaining banter, but we talked the whole 2.5 hours about Austin-style divorce, home decorating, the TMZ-style rumor mill of Austin's "socialite" scene, family, people/animal super creations, cats, bacon, movies... I had a blast and she was cracking me up. Billy is amazing and created the perfect design for me! You shouldn't get tattooed by anybody else. I think it's really lovely. I hope my grandma and mum like it too. Here's my tattoo:

Ms. Amelia, my fancy pigeon lady

Last night I had a lady date with Jessica and Julia for the Master Pancake Theater Nic Cage-a-thon and it was so great! Jessica's man is a pancake-er so we got the hook-up, but I would have seriously paid $20 for the show. They were so funny and I think my laughing embarrassed the girls at least 3 times...."Hit that bitch" is just something that's in my everyday vernacular. If you've never been to a Master Pancake show, and this was my first, I highly recommend you go!

Yesterday morning I went to the farmer's market and saw the cutest little girl in a pink tutu with a glittery cat face painting. I said, "oh, I love your face paint" and she said, "meow!" I really wanted to take a picture of her and JJ was very supportive of doing so without her parents' approval, but I was so terrified of being thought of as a weirdo. Ugh, she was adorable...I love being an aunt! I'm about to be an aunt again; my sister's having her 2nd, Audry Ella. I think this makes 1 real nephew, 1 real niece, and 3 adoptive nieces. I never thought I'd like children, but when they like me too it really melts my ice cicles.

Yay for Sunday...breakfast with Beth and her pops, hopefully a nap, and Renegade Craft fair with my lovely Lela!

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