Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cherry, Cheery Sunburn

I'm bitter right now and I'm pissing myself off!

I had a lovely day that started with lady mimosas. The gal pal group kept growing and the morning turned into fried green tomato cobbler and an impromptu Vest Friends meeting, which is not an improv group I'll have you know. We do stand up, sketch comedy, and video montages, which will hopefully culminate into an amazing Wind Beneath My Wings choreographed event at the end of the month.

My mum called me and we talked about dancing, dating, cats, and the usual.

Poutine and banana's fosters for dinner and I shouldn't have anything to complain about, but guess who does?! Yeah, me... Sometimes it's such a strange feeling to know how amazing you are, yet still to get all bummed out on yourself. In these situations, the ladies are always my key fix! Love ya, girlz.

Ugh, I wish I wasn't bitter. This weekend was stupidly hard for me and it shouldn't have been. I think there's a little bitter piece of brain material that likes self-inflicted misery, because at times this weekend it has felt like I've been reminding myself of things to be sad about when I've been having nothing less than a lovely time. The human brain! If Neil Diamond's Porcupine Pie makes you cry, you don't deserve to have as much fun as I did this weekend! I've gotta snap out of it...

Ceclia is staring at my as I type this.

Okay, so...
I like mimosas.
I like my kitty cats.
This is Simon, who looks so intellectual to me.

Hi, I'm Simon.

I love the hell out of my girlfriends. I couldn't make up a more amazing group of women!
I really get happy thinking of Shanelle making pudding for old people at the nursing home.
I had so much fun Friday night with the ladies at our happy hour. I think the baby octopus and duck fat made me sick, which I now blame for the reason my Friday night bedtime was 10pm.
Saturday night I drank this basil seed drink that I really thought would be deliciously liquoricey, but it turned out to taste like chewy cream soda.

Biology experiment or refreshing beverage?

I took 2 very bad videos of my cats meeting the neighbor cat this weekend that are too boring to post.
Bubble gum infused vodka and bubble gum jello shots taste about as bad as that sentence sounds.

Hubba Bubba infused vodka

Audra's not shy...
Um, those are the bubble gum, jello-bean jello shots

I met this cat Gizmo who I think is outrageously handsome.

The former Emilaurison home toilet is apparently kept functioning through Emily's old pace jar plumbing trick.

I would never document this...Julia took the photo!

Guess who's selling out and going to ACL this year?! Me...two words: Neil Diamond. Also, I think I'll just try to con my way into getting Steve Martin's tickets since I've picked out the bands he should watch the last two years.

G' mood has been lifted. Ice cream twice in one day probably does that for most people. XO

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