Monday, May 2, 2011

Shopped 'til the Cars Dropped

'Twas another lovely LD weekend.

Friday night with the ladies at the Golden Boys and my bones were shaking to dance!

Saturday started off rocky with, hu-hummm, a hangover. I didn't leave the house until 4ish and cat napped on the bed, couch, floor....pretty much everywhere in my house that felt cool and comfortable. They were good naps. Afterwards, Julia and I did some birthday shopping at Toy Joy, along with other exciting things: I vomited behind a dumpster and Julia got her car towed after being parked an entire 2 minutes! I know tow truck drivers have a reputation for being hard asses, but this guy was exceptional. Not only did he ask Julia to read any 1 of the 5 "no parking signs" in it's entirety, he also pointed out that he saw me puke behind the dumpster, then blow my nose (although he said, "I saw ya blewed ya nose."), and that, in fact, it was on the security camera footage. We finally got presents and Julia's car back, then met up with Karen for her pizza birthday. Potential sugar daddy alert (his words, not mine) at pizza: older, attractive, bearded, helicopter pilot and technician, that saves whales from poachers on Whale Wars, and enjoys making fart jokes with his grandson. I wasn't smitten, but very intrigued by all the potential conversation we could stir up. Helicopter pilot = James Bond in my mind. But, I wasn't shopping for a man so I went home and straight to bed before 10pm, which felt great. 

Yesterday I was wide awake at 4am and decided to take advantage of the free time. The early morning worked out to my favor, I suppose, because I was finally able to get my house in order. Last week was too much running around for me that I never got the chance to pick up, and with a small space like mine a little mess turns into a disaster area. Things look back to normal now and smell yummy too.

My Sunday lady mimosa Blue Hanger date did not happen as planned. Originally Jessica, Beth, Gina, Andre, and I were going to mimosa and Blue Hanger until Beth and Gina, with Andre, bailed. Jessica and I left happily towards the thrift free-for-all without backup, but optimistic nonetheless. From the onset of our journey we should have known the plan coud not continue unhitched. A woman was standing at the end of my street corner waving a baby stroller in the air and pointing at us while mouthing what looked like "softy". As a caring and diligent citizen, Jessica stops her car immediately to render aid. At that point, her coffee cup, which was on top of the roof and surely what the mother was signaling about to us, fell at the sudden break and spilled down the windscreen. Heartbroken, because nobody makes a Honey Nut Latte like Bob from Clementine, I shared mine with J-pants.

One would think our excitement ended there......and one would be wrong. I believe I cursed my friends' cars this weekend by riding in them, as Jessica's car broke down on the way to the Blue Hanger. Sitting on the side of the road for an hour-ish while waiting for AAA was kind of nice and outrageously rewarding because I saw the fanciest feral pigeon I've ever seen! Also, Casey, the vampire-fanged tow truck guy, was much nicer than what Julia and I experienced.

Black eyes and bell bottoms!

After the unsuccessful trip with Jessica I went home just to jump into Gina's car and go to the Blue Hanger with her and Andre!! Yay, life works out when it comes to shopping extravaganzas.

I found some fun things shopping this weekend. Each year I have a new summer dress that I practically live in. Two years ago it was this red, white, and blue floral halter dress that I wore nearly every day for two weeks.

Julia, Emily, and my dress

After wearing the same thing Friday and Saturday I think it's safe to say my breezy, cotton, red, white & blue striped dress will be this summer's costume:

Summer '11 Costume, Y'all

That is, of course, unless I decide to live the summer in this amazingly hideous 1970s Hawaiian romper I got Sunday.

I also found these terrible nurse shoes that were just my size (biggie 10) that I like to wear and pose in around the house as if my legs have been amputated from my body. If paired with the romper, I'm sure to be a hipster boy's dream girl....

I am 3rd generation shop-a-hollic, and while I don't necessarily approve of the terminology, I love clothes and have no need to ever buy new ones again due to an overabundance. It's not all about the fashion. Primarily, I like shopping for the hunt and finding a bargain at $1.39/pound. I don't buy $30 dresses, but have over 300 sweaters that probably cost less than $5 each. I should own a junk store off the side of a freeway in a small, old, country town! So, while awake at 4am, I got a pile of clothes ready to swap, sell, and give away. I feel a ladies night coming soon to help me get rid of the oldies.

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