Saturday, May 7, 2011

Root Canals and Cannonballs

I've been pretty busy lately and haven't had a Lauren Saturday morning in a while, so I was really looking forward to this morning... tea, NPR, goat cheese and spinach omelet, kitty cat cuddles, and maybe a morning beer. Well, let's just say things haven't gone as planned.

To start off, I don't have any eggs or spinach and eating just goat cheese for breakfast doesn't appeal much to me, even considering how much I love goat cheese.

Oh, and the disappointment gets better...I had to schedule an emergency dentist appointment this morning due to the tooth pain I've had for 4 days now that is no longer responding to pain medication (AKA goofballs). A few months ago I had some pain in a tooth that already had a root canal and everything looked fine so my favorite dentist told me it was just related to a sinus infection. So, this time around I just assumed it was sinus related and I would get the sinus aliments within the next couple of days. Side note: my friendly dentist happens to be in Vietnam (who goes there?!). Nutshell: It's not sinus related, I have an abscess, infection, and have to get a fancy new root canal through my pretty porcelain crown and since I've already maxed out my dental insurance for the year I'll have to pay out of pocket. Smiles and butterflies I'm feeling joyous. Anyhow, I'm hopped up on stronger goofballs and the pain is unnoticeable.

The best thing about this morning, however, is waking up next to this cute little cat butt

Onto more positive things, I had a lovely low-key night last night. I had dinner with Pam, Wells, and Gretta and from the photo (in my previous bloggy blog) you can see that Gretta had a wonderful time too. I just love Pam & Wells. They're so sweet together and seeing her with him makes me so happy. Seriously, like melted marshmallows and s'mores happy. Pam and I have been friends since college and honestly, perhaps besides JJ, I don't think there's anyone out there who understands my brain better than Pam. It's not that we're a lot alike, but her and I have been in the same places together (same place emotionally speaking) and we're both pretty self reflective and harp on the positive personal growth journey. I love her, she's great, and I had such a nice time talking, eating, laughing, petting kitty, and just catching up. Spoiler alert: Also, look how adorable these two are:

Afterwards, I went to Brittany's, ate more food, and got to see Lacey and BC who are visiting from Houston. I also got to dance like a country hobo in front of a huge wall mirror and I liked that a lot! Congratulations Brittany on your Anenstitician's license and I can't wait to pay too much for an amazing facial.

I went home feeling like I had drank too much and slept wonderfully sideways in my bed which I love to do. Bubba Greg called me at 4am just to chat. We talked for a couple of hours catching up on news and friendly gossip. He's not moving to Austin as I had hoped, I think I'm going to spend Thanksgiving in an Oakland crack den with him, and there's a special lady in his life. Once again, here's another friend who has the love bug and I'm so happy for him. I wouldn't have expected him to ever tell me, "sissy, I think this is the one," but he did and not only am I shocked, but I hope she is. I remember in high school he and Karen decided they wanted to get married and we set out for a midnight road trip to Vegas. Obviously they never made it. I think Arizona was the turn around point when reality set in and the wedding was cancelled. They best part of the story is that they had picked out their wedding song...

Karen wanted the Elvis impersonator to think her and Greg were getting married for the nookie.

Well, time for the swimming pool. I think I'm gonna do a cannonball, which I'm not sure if I've ever done before so watch out world, here I come!

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