Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pigeon Sports

Wow, I feel like I have just been going and going without a break. Yet, here I am, sitting in air conditioning, on a lovely vintage settee, with a snuggly calico kitty lying on my thigh, drinking a High Life, typing out my thoughts to the blogosphere... things obviously aren't that bad.

The summer grant fury has already started in my office and the frenzy trickles down from the boss to me. I actually had a "talking to" today by him about where my mind has been. I printed out a recipe for shrimp fried rice, which apparently didn't appeal to him. But he's right, my mind has been distant and the deadlines and workload is about to prove why I get paid the big bucks. I say bring it on. Working at a University, the summers can get slow, so at least I've got plenty to do. Also, I'll totally deserve my Philly vacation by the time July gets here.

Things that have made me happy lately:

-I saw this and loved it! I wanna be a happy cat couple:

-This amazing vacation deal: I'm seriously considering taking the plunge after I research flights and blackout dates. I've been flirting with the idea of a nice, quiet Christmas alone. I know my mum would kill me, but the thought of alone time away from my world sounds relaxing and empowering. I've had a string of the best 3 Christmases of my life and I'm a little afraid of being miserable this year. I love my family and the last Houston Christmas was lovely, but the anxiety and fear of an emotional breakdown has me worried. We'll have to wait and see. Also, since the advert keeps talking of romance, it might not be the best 1 person trip...

-There's a barbershop near my house that I walk by on my way to the grocery: old school, barber pole, old men, blue liquid-filled comb jars... I frequently see the barbers standing around and we smile and say "good morning," through the windows, but that's about all. Today I had the whim to walk in and introduce myself so we can start calling each other by our names. I figured it never hurts to have a grandpa figure in your life. As I walked past I whimped out and laughed at myself for being such a kook. I don't know why I get my whims, but they're harmless and one day someone will find them adorable!

-This shirt is currently being sold on Ebay...gimmie a break! I seriously LOVE pigeons, and I could be considered a fan of the sex, but who would wear this?! Also, I've never experienced a pigeon race, so maybe that's why I don't get it.

-I bought this postcard and I like it. I don't think I'll actually send it off to anyone, but if you get it you'll know you're a lucky one! On the back it says:
"Our Pigeon never wins a bet.
He just pays off. He doesn't fret.
We love his three putts (and his wealth).
Dear Lord, please keep him in good health."
It doesn't make any sense to me, but I just like how the fancy pigeon is watching the ground pigeons eat his money.

-The Mavericks are doing amazing in the NBA playoffs! My heart is all a-swell!! So, as many of you might know, I'm not necessarily a basketball fan, but I'm a Mavs girl and have been ever since college. Dirk is my personal sweetie and longtime crush, but after the last few playoffs I had to cut him out of my life. It was just too painful; too much loss. Well, I think it is blatantly obvious that he is playing these games in the hopes of winning my heart back. After all, for the last two seasons I went to see him play with the ex-BF in tow and that can be pretty crushing to an ego. I'm crossing my fingers and not dating until we get our championship!! Go baby go!

Well, off to a lady date with my favorite baby and I just realized I haven't seen my sweet B in a week. I'll also be missing the Mavs game tonight, but will have my fingers crossed. Oh, the life of a busy gal on the go.


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