Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Life as Jacqueline Susann

When I was living in Arizona I had the depression and down time to think I wanted to write a novel- a pseudo autobiographical novel based on my life (loosely) and in the style of Jacqueline Susann. Now the idea seems ridiculous, but at the time I got far enough as a 20+ page outline... and then I moved to Austin, dumped the loser boyfriend, shook off the depression, and stopped focusing on the romance of drama.

I've decided to re-read Barbara Seaman's biography of Jacqueline Susann, Lovely Me, and even within the first chapter I'm reminded of how much I love Jackie.  Here's an excerpt of her journal that made my heart hug my soul:

"Fight Against Old Age- What Not to Do in 1987
1. Be sure to stand tall.
2. Don't wear orthopedic shoes.
3. Don't talk too much.
4. Don't nag.
5. If you can't walk fast, DON'T- but don't hold others up.
6. Don't become helpless, and let others wait on you- open cab doors, pack, get into your coat.
7. Try to remember- someone young doesn't owe you anything- unless you've more than earned it.
8. Don't reminisce.
9. Listen. "

Jackie and Josephine


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Beth said...

I stand tall to number5.