Monday, May 9, 2011

Medical Blues

I'm about fed up with the medical blues. This week is full of doctor appointments and between this unexpected root canal, chronic pain, unpreventable rash, steroid rage, and living on pain medications for the last week I've about had it. I know people who think a positive mental outlook is all you need to maintain health, and I strongly disagree. If I was native American, my name would be Silver Lining, because I always think that things could be worse (I could have a conjoined twin that hates the sun!). But honestly, urggggh I just want to scream right now. At least I have an outlet to complain for the time being.

Also, while I was wide awake this morning unable to sleep due to tooth pain, I made and canned a huge batch of my mum's chicken noodle, medicine soup for anyone that might be sick in the next few months. Please don't hesitate to call me if you need some, it's been proven to work!

Like I said, I know it could be worse, but I could really use a break for the time being.  In all fairness though, I know I will be better by the weekend. This damn tooth is driving me crazy!

P.S. I'm always drafting a comical letter to the president, "Dear Mr. Obama...." about my medical blues and outrageous medical bills (even with an awesome $0.00 insurance plan) and I'm a little jealous that Gene Beam gets to serve him wine tomorrow night.

Silver lining: I'm glad I don't have
-Face aids
-Allergic reaction to spinach
-6 ankles (I only have 5; 1 extra instead of 2)
-A tail
-Fermented bone disorder (I just made it up, but it sounds horrible)
-3 children

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