Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Want Teenage Eyes

So tonight I heard, "you might just be neurotic enough to be like her" and the reference is pointless, but the thought that perhaps I wasn't neurotic felt so entrancing. My mum told me that crazy people who don't know they're crazy are insane, and people who are crazy and know it are just neurotic. This comes from a beautiful, loving woman with 13 cats who is like mother Theresa to me, so you better believe it's true. Perhaps I don't think I'm crazy, insane, or neurotic... I've got some adorable quirks and those are the words I'm using from now on.

After popcorn-nighting it through oblivion, I have officially caught up on my 1990's and my 30's and finished the 1st season of Sex In the City with two lovely ladies. Those girls (the ones on the TV, not on the couch) are nuts. Honestly, I'm really enjoying the show, the humor, and I know I'm about 10 years too late in starting to watch the series, but I think the timing is more right than ever. Also, those women eat so much food on the show and it makes me want to chew pretty pastas, cucumbers, and ice cream.

Two blogs in one night? You betcha' ass! I haven't felt so settled and happy in years, I think. (Does the "I think" negate the statement?) I'm just pleased with myself and my choices.

In more relavent news: the Mavs won! However, my mind isn't on Dirk at the moment... here, watch this:

3Gs can make my tummy flutter

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The LD said...

Ummm..... retraction?! I don't know where I got my facts, since I didn't watch the Mavs game, but the boys didn't win. Ugh, I screwed that one up, but then again I never promised to be a news source.