Friday, May 27, 2011

Fat Phace

Ugh, my face is so fat! I went to the doctor yesterday and we discussed how awful steroids are and made a plan for getting off of them. A year ago I was taking 5mg a day and my face looked like this:

Oh how pretty...eating chicken fried tuna steak

Hi, I'm thin

I was healthy and had a normal face. Since December, I've been on doses as high as 50mg a day. It's been awful and medically we're just having a terribly hard time working on this new, stupid rare skin disease I have. 'They' say you gain a pound per milligram, and while I haven't gained 50 pounds, I've surely gained 20; mainly in my chin and face.  Sure, beer and cheese fries haven't helped my gut, so I think its fair to say the steroid weight is concentrated in my jowls. Ugh, my doctor made sure to acknowledge my double chin and steroid face yesterday. Here it is folks:

Fat, round, and called a "moon" face

I feel like my head is as round as a Charlie Brown character! I've decided to go ahead and change my rapper name from 2 Pale to Fat Phace for the time being. 

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