Friday, May 13, 2011

The Bruise Blog

I bruise outrageously easy. I told my doctor about this a year or so ago and he kept insisting that it was normal and expected. I started taking pictures to show him that not only were they terrible looking, but majority of them are completely unexplained. There's  even a lady in my gym who is very concerned about my relationship history and always tells me that my bruises aren't natural at all and to "leave him, girl." Well, they're normal for me even though they're ugly. While cleaning out pictures from my camera, I came across all the bruise photos for my doctor, so here they are for you to view and sympathize!

Strange October bruise

Unexplained November bruise 
January's mystery bruise

This was my SXSW bruise from jumping a fence. No mystery here!

My current unexplained hip bruise

The doc says they're ugly, but normal, so there we go. I don't need an intervention as there's no abusive men in my life unless Boris is kicking my ass while we snuggle at night.

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