Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Animal Kingdom

I've had some interesting animal interactions in the last few days. I'm not sure if it's just my natural affinity to wildlife and woodland creatures, or if something strange is blowing through the air.

Yesterday, while leaving the office I saw a squirrel sitting on some stairs so naturally I made a kissy noise at him. He came running over to me and actually ran over my feet. His little furry squirrel balls brushed against the top of my foot and the he just stopped in front of me. Three more of his squirrel friends came running over to join him, they all stood up like prairie dogs, and blocked my pathway. My heart started beating so fast and I was a little nervous there'd be an altercation and I'd have to kick fight the entire squirrel population of the University. It felt a little like Children of the Corn.... wait for it..... Children of the Acorn! Anyhow, I just walked around them and everything was fine, but there was a terrifying moment. I suspect they just thought I had a PB&J sammy for them or something.

As a lover of birds that are considered pests, I've learned a few things about other bird pests. For example, I've heard that crows are actually easier to teach to mimic and talk than parrots and that they hold "funerals" for their dead bird friends. I've never witnessed either of these, but have always been fascinated with the funeral thought. Today, while walking to my office I saw a crow funeral! It was really kind of sad, so I took pictures of course. Poor Uncle Marcus got smushed by a truck.

Crow funeral

RIP Uncle Marcus

Last night, I watched the Mavs game with Lela and Alex. While most of the game was luke warm and a little disappointing, the overtime excitement was great and my boys won! It's funny, I've had a crush on Dirk for about a decade now, but he hasn't made me giddy in years. I was a very loyal GF these past 3 years and kept my Dirk love at bay. Last night I was so excited after the win and seeing him on the TV that I went home and "measured out a Dirk" on my wall to imagine how it would be to hug him. 7 feet of unfrozen caveman basketball player... momma likes! I had a Dirk measured out on my wall whenever I lived in Denton, so this isn't a new thing for me; I've always been a little cuckoo over him. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this year will finally be our championship year. So, how does this relate to my animal interactions? Alex butchered an entire duck during the game. I would've thought this would freak me out, but I was really interested in it like some science experiment. Have you ever put your fingers in a duck's mouth? Probably not, because they bite. So, this was a great opportunity for me to touch a duck tongue, naturally. The duck feet were cut off and in a bag in his belly, which did totally freak me out! Here's some duck pics, y'all!

Duck tongue feels like normal tongue.
Quack, quack!

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