Friday, May 13, 2011

...and we're back

Oh, I was having some blogger withdrawals. How on earth can I survive if I don't type aimlessly into the computer screen with the expectation that someone reads my words and finds me wondrous?! So, the blogger website has been down since Wednesday, and I too have been down due to my terrible tooth. But, we're back!

I finally got my tooth fixed Wednesday and dropped $1,000 doing so. I'm a little pissed about that, but I guess that's why I have a special bank account just for my teeth repairs. I certainly got some luxury treatment though and will have to yelp (for the 2nd time in my life) about how awesome this practice was. I had aroma therapy, a buckwheat pillow rest, the Food Network, a warm blanket, and was even serenaded to. The Endodontist was a super cutie and he and the assistant sang soft 70's rock the entire time. I actually ended up falling asleep while they worked away on my mouth. Here are some root canal related photos:

My Wheatsville pigeon friend wishing me luck
before my tooth surgery.

Argh, me toof is fixed and this is me smiling!

Snurggling Topo Chico afterwards

So, for a general catch-up here are some images from my recent life:

I am watching Sex In the City in it's entirety with my lady friend Cara. I was a bit apprehensive at first, only because I thought I was "too good for it", but so far I'm enjoying it and I love hanging out with her, her baby, her husband whenever she's running late, and her stinky old dogs.

Stinky Pete

Sweet 'lil Posey with her yogurt moustache

I have a GF who has a psuedo crush on an ex of mine. Mainly because he is a socially, nonfunctioning, robot of a person and she doesn't understand how people like that can survive, let alone snag an awesome gal like myself for 9 years. Anyhow, she forwarded this photo to me that he texted her and it made my day! Some people never change and I think that's a good thing when it involves making funny kitty cat photos and texting them to your friends. Needless to say, I've asked to be included on the cat picture photo text list.

I never posted any of my finds from last Sunday's Blue Hanger trip with Jessica. I didn't find anything amazing in terms of clothes, but I found some more home wares. A cute little painting of a girl holding a caged bird, a turkey beanie baby that the cats aren't interested in, an awesome little folding patio chair for $2 that I'm gonna refinish, paint, and sit on in my garden, and a sweet little embroidered pillow case that Boris seems to love as much as I do. I also keep finding a good amount of men's pearl snap shirts that I used to have a purpose for (stoopid ex-BF), but now it's pretty much hit or miss if I can give them away to my dude friends. I've got to just stop buying them or start selling more clothes online. I'm gonna go for the later for the time being. 

Birdie in the cage

Turkey baby

Boris loves it too!

Also, last Saturday I took Beth to Lucinda Williams as her birthday gift. It was great! We wine and dined at the Hot Dog King and Contigo and got to spend some time with Julie at Bruce's art show. Last weekend was a good weekend and I'm ready for this one to follow suit.

Gina looking pretty in the Tigress LUPEC light

That's supposed to be Lucinda

Hi, this is my face and it's smiling!

Beth and I at Lucinda Williams
 Well, that's a catch up and I'm now my bloggy withdrawal has turned into some bloggy boredom. Enjoy the weekend my lovelies!

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