Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Case of the Mondays on Tuesday

Well, I think I may have a case of the Mondays even though it's Tuesday. I suspect I'm not the only one seeing as 3-day weekends tend to stir up those unrequited Monday emotions. Like I've said before, I'm lucky to be so busy during the summertime at a University, but I'll be really happy whenever it's vacation time.

This weekend was like a Gemini festival with all the birthdays going on. Beth, Jacob, Nay Nay, Astrid....I don't see anything to complain about because I got pinball, swimming, beer, cake, champagne, and lots of time with the pals. I don't have facts or details to share, mainly because I'm feeling lazy and noncommunicative, but my favorite part of the weekend would have to be crashing a fiesta with Sweet B last night.

After leaving Nathan's celebration we were feeling the mellow 'chill' of summer evening winds and day drinking whenever we passed a street party with thumping Tejano beats. Of course, Beth and I take one look at each other wide-eyed and turn around to join the party. Sure, there were a lot of people in semi-formal attire looking as if they just returned from a wedding, but we were in the mood to tap our toes and there was nothing a dress code could do to stop us! So, we stayed for one free beer, did some hip shimmying, and then went on our way....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yay for Saturday

Oh, how I love my newfound Lauren Saturdays! It's insomnia at its best. Waking up at 5am (regardless of how late I stay out Friday night), turning on the lights and radio, and listening to NPR in bed while snuggling next to my favorite fur face Boris has felt so independent to me. I like being alone.... a lot! I like doing what feels natural (if insomnia is considered natural) regardless of the time of day. So, here I am now at 7am, ready to make a delicious breakfast nudie, just for one.

OJ, strawberries, sprouts & my 1st garden tomato,
and scrambley eggs with veggie sausages

One shocking thing that has already happened to me this morning is learning that a new The Cars album was released nearly two weeks ago!!!! OMG, someone dropped the ball on this one and I'm just going to go ahead and blame my Dad, who is always telling me about new albums I would like or be interested in.The Cars and The B-52's are my top favorite bands. I'm completely out of the loop most of the time in terms of current events, television, movies, entertainment, etc. and I've been trying to stay more on top of things by listening to NPR at home. I guess finding out via Sound Opinions means my plan has worked, but needless to say, I'll be headed to Waterloo today to buy the record. I know it won't be the same without Benjamin Orr and from what I've heard so far the record will probably sound about as bad at Door to Door was, but I couldn't care less at the moment. After doing some investigation, I also learned the boys have been touring this month. Ugh, I would have gone to Oakland to see them and Greg, so that's a little frustrating, but now I just have another potential summer tour to look forward to. Lela, I can't believe we just bonded over The Cars last Sunday and then this comes up... if they come to Austin, we're so there.

Yay, it's Beth's birthday today. Happy birthday, boo. Having a best friend for 5 years that never lived in the same town has always worked for us, but I'm so happy you moved to Austin. I was nervous before you got here, but I couldn't imagine us ever living in different cities again. I love you, you come from good stock, and here's to many more celebrations in our future. XO

SXSW 2007- Here comes trouble

Look at this advertisement the internet spies created for my blog. I saw it yesterday just above my Those Junkie Bums post. I love pigeons!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fat Phace

Ugh, my face is so fat! I went to the doctor yesterday and we discussed how awful steroids are and made a plan for getting off of them. A year ago I was taking 5mg a day and my face looked like this:

Oh how pretty...eating chicken fried tuna steak

Hi, I'm thin

I was healthy and had a normal face. Since December, I've been on doses as high as 50mg a day. It's been awful and medically we're just having a terribly hard time working on this new, stupid rare skin disease I have. 'They' say you gain a pound per milligram, and while I haven't gained 50 pounds, I've surely gained 20; mainly in my chin and face.  Sure, beer and cheese fries haven't helped my gut, so I think its fair to say the steroid weight is concentrated in my jowls. Ugh, my doctor made sure to acknowledge my double chin and steroid face yesterday. Here it is folks:

Fat, round, and called a "moon" face

I feel like my head is as round as a Charlie Brown character! I've decided to go ahead and change my rapper name from 2 Pale to Fat Phace for the time being. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Life as Jacqueline Susann

When I was living in Arizona I had the depression and down time to think I wanted to write a novel- a pseudo autobiographical novel based on my life (loosely) and in the style of Jacqueline Susann. Now the idea seems ridiculous, but at the time I got far enough as a 20+ page outline... and then I moved to Austin, dumped the loser boyfriend, shook off the depression, and stopped focusing on the romance of drama.

I've decided to re-read Barbara Seaman's biography of Jacqueline Susann, Lovely Me, and even within the first chapter I'm reminded of how much I love Jackie.  Here's an excerpt of her journal that made my heart hug my soul:

"Fight Against Old Age- What Not to Do in 1987
1. Be sure to stand tall.
2. Don't wear orthopedic shoes.
3. Don't talk too much.
4. Don't nag.
5. If you can't walk fast, DON'T- but don't hold others up.
6. Don't become helpless, and let others wait on you- open cab doors, pack, get into your coat.
7. Try to remember- someone young doesn't owe you anything- unless you've more than earned it.
8. Don't reminisce.
9. Listen. "

Jackie and Josephine


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday on Tuesday

Firstly, I think my right foot has shrunk. My shoe will not stay on when I walk. I'm going to take this as a sign of good luck and carry on with my life... with or without my right shoe firmly attached.

Secondly, I never really blogged about my lovely Sunday!
-Brunch and lots of mimosas with Beth, her daddy, and Matt. This girl will never get enough mimosas. I ate turkey sausage!

-Renegade Craft Fair with Lela. I was kind of hoping to find a ring or necklace, but nothing really spoke to me. I thought a lot of the jewelry was all kind of the same. I did fall in love with Ryan Berkeley and his animal portraits.

It was funny having just gotten an animal portrait tattoo to walk into his booth and want to buy one of everything. I had two friends tell me to stop by there, so I guess my interests are pretty well known. I think I'm going to buy the otter picture on a pillow, it's just so great! Buy his stuff online: http://www.etsy.com/shop/berkleyillustration?ga_search_submit=&ga_search_query=ryan+berkley&ga_page=2&ga_spelling_accepted=ryan+berekley&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_facet=handmade  :

- My male BFF gave my number to a coworker suggesting that we go out for drinks. This made me excited to think that perhaps JJ found someone perfectly amazing for me, because after all, you'd expect your BFF to know your type. I "accidently" met the fella today, but I think I'd actually rather stay home and do my laundry then go out with this guy. I'm not really in the dating mood, feel too busy to make the time, and this one seems a little dopey. We'll have to see...

- Peelander Z!!! I love Peelander Z and got to see them record Sunday evening. I've seen recording before, but these guys were like no other and were having so much fun. It was super exciting. I have a crush on Green, who has a crush on Madison, but he did remember me and gave me a hug. When he hugged me he sort of threw his arm into my brand new tattoo, which hurt so I yeeeped, withdrew, and he jumped away. It was funny, but the words, "new... yesterday" translated enough to explain. Yellow told me the Japanese word for the bird was omu, which actually means parrot, so I'm thinking perhaps my pigeon isn't so pigeony. Or maybe they just don't have pigeons in Japan. Either way, it was a great wrap up to my weekend and I have a photo of me looking the fattest I ever have in my life, which I will gladly post:

Red, Fatty, Green, Lela, Yellow, Madison

- Beth and I saw Snoop Dogg helping wash windows on the side of I-35 and Airport:

Yes, that is a Snoop Dogg cardboard cutout!

Animal Kingdom

I've had some interesting animal interactions in the last few days. I'm not sure if it's just my natural affinity to wildlife and woodland creatures, or if something strange is blowing through the air.

Yesterday, while leaving the office I saw a squirrel sitting on some stairs so naturally I made a kissy noise at him. He came running over to me and actually ran over my feet. His little furry squirrel balls brushed against the top of my foot and the he just stopped in front of me. Three more of his squirrel friends came running over to join him, they all stood up like prairie dogs, and blocked my pathway. My heart started beating so fast and I was a little nervous there'd be an altercation and I'd have to kick fight the entire squirrel population of the University. It felt a little like Children of the Corn.... wait for it..... Children of the Acorn! Anyhow, I just walked around them and everything was fine, but there was a terrifying moment. I suspect they just thought I had a PB&J sammy for them or something.

As a lover of birds that are considered pests, I've learned a few things about other bird pests. For example, I've heard that crows are actually easier to teach to mimic and talk than parrots and that they hold "funerals" for their dead bird friends. I've never witnessed either of these, but have always been fascinated with the funeral thought. Today, while walking to my office I saw a crow funeral! It was really kind of sad, so I took pictures of course. Poor Uncle Marcus got smushed by a truck.

Crow funeral

RIP Uncle Marcus

Last night, I watched the Mavs game with Lela and Alex. While most of the game was luke warm and a little disappointing, the overtime excitement was great and my boys won! It's funny, I've had a crush on Dirk for about a decade now, but he hasn't made me giddy in years. I was a very loyal GF these past 3 years and kept my Dirk love at bay. Last night I was so excited after the win and seeing him on the TV that I went home and "measured out a Dirk" on my wall to imagine how it would be to hug him. 7 feet of unfrozen caveman basketball player... momma likes! I had a Dirk measured out on my wall whenever I lived in Denton, so this isn't a new thing for me; I've always been a little cuckoo over him. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this year will finally be our championship year. So, how does this relate to my animal interactions? Alex butchered an entire duck during the game. I would've thought this would freak me out, but I was really interested in it like some science experiment. Have you ever put your fingers in a duck's mouth? Probably not, because they bite. So, this was a great opportunity for me to touch a duck tongue, naturally. The duck feet were cut off and in a bag in his belly, which did totally freak me out! Here's some duck pics, y'all!

Duck tongue feels like normal tongue.
Quack, quack!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday at Sunrise

When shopping, I always go generic and I firmly stand behind my belief that generic 'Nilla Wafers taste even better in banana pudding than the name brand. However, when it comes to paper products I just can't believe how terrible the cheapies are. HEB currently has a 'buy the generic toilet paper, get the name brand free' bargain and against my better judgement I went for it. After all, why not take free toilet paper?! Oh my lovelies, don't fall for the deal... the HEB TP is WTF bad.

Last week I went to Pinballz for a bday party (my 2nd-1st date fella's...LaRick the French bulldog) and I am hooked! Jamie and Jessica had told me about this place: BYOB, DDR (that's Dance Dance Revolution for those of you newbies), skeeball, and all the goodies. Friday night I lady dated with Beth and Julia and got a my 3rd rabbit's toe as a prize. I've wanted one since I had my first purple one as a kid that I wore all the fur off of by rubbing it against my face. In February I found one in the gutter of 6th street, washed it, and thought I'd be able to love it similarly, but it was disgusting. Now I have a new red one and it gives me the biggest child smile I've ever had from a rabbit. I picked out the gimpy curled one, because that fits my heart best. The Pinballz girl was not amused with the fact that a rabbit had to die to make me happy and let me know that "it hurts" to take fingers from rabbits.

I got my 3rd tattoo, and the best yet... man, oh man, I don't know why, but I love pigeons so freakin' much. There's something in my brain that makes my serotonin levels rise every time I see one! Billy at Bijou is amazing. Call her, make an appointment, get an awesome tattoo! I brought two books just incase I wasn't able to maintain entertaining banter, but we talked the whole 2.5 hours about Austin-style divorce, home decorating, the TMZ-style rumor mill of Austin's "socialite" scene, family, people/animal super creations, cats, bacon, movies... I had a blast and she was cracking me up. Billy is amazing and created the perfect design for me! You shouldn't get tattooed by anybody else. I think it's really lovely. I hope my grandma and mum like it too. Here's my tattoo:

Ms. Amelia, my fancy pigeon lady

Last night I had a lady date with Jessica and Julia for the Master Pancake Theater Nic Cage-a-thon and it was so great! Jessica's man is a pancake-er so we got the hook-up, but I would have seriously paid $20 for the show. They were so funny and I think my laughing embarrassed the girls at least 3 times...."Hit that bitch" is just something that's in my everyday vernacular. If you've never been to a Master Pancake show, and this was my first, I highly recommend you go!

Yesterday morning I went to the farmer's market and saw the cutest little girl in a pink tutu with a glittery cat face painting. I said, "oh, I love your face paint" and she said, "meow!" I really wanted to take a picture of her and JJ was very supportive of doing so without her parents' approval, but I was so terrified of being thought of as a weirdo. Ugh, she was adorable...I love being an aunt! I'm about to be an aunt again; my sister's having her 2nd, Audry Ella. I think this makes 1 real nephew, 1 real niece, and 3 adoptive nieces. I never thought I'd like children, but when they like me too it really melts my ice cicles.

Yay for Sunday...breakfast with Beth and her pops, hopefully a nap, and Renegade Craft fair with my lovely Lela!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh No, Not My Macho Man

I'm pretty broken up about Macho Man Randy Savage's death, y'all. My sister, father, and I watched wrestling all the time when I was a little girl and I was never a Hulk Hogan fan! Macho Man and Jake the Snake all the way. Oh, and Miss Elizabeth was the Princess Diana of my childhood! I just watched the proposal on youtube, something I probably haven't seen in over 20 years, and I got goosebumps and teared up. Oh, it's too much!

I want a love like Miss Elizabeth and Macho Man: someone to carry me on their shoulder and spit my name out into microphones. Also, I've proven to be a pretty damn good cheerleader for egotistical men, so I think it would be ideal.... manage my man, fancy dresses, and big hair (on me and my man?). So I guess Miss Elizabeth and Macho Man are out there somewhere together finally.... in a wrestling ring in heaven... forever

In completely unrelated news, I just got the sketch for my tattoo and I am so outrageously excited! I'm gonna have a fancy pigeon lady. Coo, coo, 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Want Teenage Eyes

So tonight I heard, "you might just be neurotic enough to be like her" and the reference is pointless, but the thought that perhaps I wasn't neurotic felt so entrancing. My mum told me that crazy people who don't know they're crazy are insane, and people who are crazy and know it are just neurotic. This comes from a beautiful, loving woman with 13 cats who is like mother Theresa to me, so you better believe it's true. Perhaps I don't think I'm crazy, insane, or neurotic... I've got some adorable quirks and those are the words I'm using from now on.

After popcorn-nighting it through oblivion, I have officially caught up on my 1990's and my 30's and finished the 1st season of Sex In the City with two lovely ladies. Those girls (the ones on the TV, not on the couch) are nuts. Honestly, I'm really enjoying the show, the humor, and I know I'm about 10 years too late in starting to watch the series, but I think the timing is more right than ever. Also, those women eat so much food on the show and it makes me want to chew pretty pastas, cucumbers, and ice cream.

Two blogs in one night? You betcha' ass! I haven't felt so settled and happy in years, I think. (Does the "I think" negate the statement?) I'm just pleased with myself and my choices.

In more relavent news: the Mavs won! However, my mind isn't on Dirk at the moment... here, watch this:

3Gs can make my tummy flutter

Pigeon Sports

Wow, I feel like I have just been going and going without a break. Yet, here I am, sitting in air conditioning, on a lovely vintage settee, with a snuggly calico kitty lying on my thigh, drinking a High Life, typing out my thoughts to the blogosphere... things obviously aren't that bad.

The summer grant fury has already started in my office and the frenzy trickles down from the boss to me. I actually had a "talking to" today by him about where my mind has been. I printed out a recipe for shrimp fried rice, which apparently didn't appeal to him. But he's right, my mind has been distant and the deadlines and workload is about to prove why I get paid the big bucks. I say bring it on. Working at a University, the summers can get slow, so at least I've got plenty to do. Also, I'll totally deserve my Philly vacation by the time July gets here.

Things that have made me happy lately:

-I saw this and loved it! I wanna be a happy cat couple: http://austin.craigslist.org/mis/2386965616.html

-This amazing vacation deal:  http://escapes.livingsocial.com/deals/47273-reef-and-rainforest-getaway?msdc_id=18&ref=AUSDeal051811_18_519email I'm seriously considering taking the plunge after I research flights and blackout dates. I've been flirting with the idea of a nice, quiet Christmas alone. I know my mum would kill me, but the thought of alone time away from my world sounds relaxing and empowering. I've had a string of the best 3 Christmases of my life and I'm a little afraid of being miserable this year. I love my family and the last Houston Christmas was lovely, but the anxiety and fear of an emotional breakdown has me worried. We'll have to wait and see. Also, since the advert keeps talking of romance, it might not be the best 1 person trip...

-There's a barbershop near my house that I walk by on my way to the grocery: old school, barber pole, old men, blue liquid-filled comb jars... I frequently see the barbers standing around and we smile and say "good morning," through the windows, but that's about all. Today I had the whim to walk in and introduce myself so we can start calling each other by our names. I figured it never hurts to have a grandpa figure in your life. As I walked past I whimped out and laughed at myself for being such a kook. I don't know why I get my whims, but they're harmless and one day someone will find them adorable!

-This shirt is currently being sold on Ebay...gimmie a break! I seriously LOVE pigeons, and I could be considered a fan of the sex, but who would wear this?! Also, I've never experienced a pigeon race, so maybe that's why I don't get it.

-I bought this postcard and I like it. I don't think I'll actually send it off to anyone, but if you get it you'll know you're a lucky one! On the back it says:
"Our Pigeon never wins a bet.
He just pays off. He doesn't fret.
We love his three putts (and his wealth).
Dear Lord, please keep him in good health."
It doesn't make any sense to me, but I just like how the fancy pigeon is watching the ground pigeons eat his money.

-The Mavericks are doing amazing in the NBA playoffs! My heart is all a-swell!! So, as many of you might know, I'm not necessarily a basketball fan, but I'm a Mavs girl and have been ever since college. Dirk is my personal sweetie and longtime crush, but after the last few playoffs I had to cut him out of my life. It was just too painful; too much loss. Well, I think it is blatantly obvious that he is playing these games in the hopes of winning my heart back. After all, for the last two seasons I went to see him play with the ex-BF in tow and that can be pretty crushing to an ego. I'm crossing my fingers and not dating until we get our championship!! Go baby go!

Well, off to a lady date with my favorite baby and I just realized I haven't seen my sweet B in a week. I'll also be missing the Mavs game tonight, but will have my fingers crossed. Oh, the life of a busy gal on the go.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wooo honey, any night that ends with momma dancing to Glaydis Knight and the Pips is a good one!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Morning Memo

Yesterday I got my first sunburn of the season. It isn't that bad, just some pink on my shoulders and back, but it got me thinking that I'm probably going to be a big wuss when I get my tattoo this week. Sorry mum, but I'm going through with it and I'll still be your sweet little girl. Honestly though, isn't a pigeon tattoo better than another name or naked lady?! I'm excited, but a little nervous. It just seems so silly to me how excited I am about the thought of always being able to look at a pigeon, whenever I want. Julia, however, told me she wouldn't hang out with me privately or publicly if I rub my cheek next to my tattoo pigeon's cheek, which is what I'm looking forward to the most. It's been nearly a decade since I last got a tattoo and all I really remember is it feeling like a sunburn, so I hope I'm not in for a rude awakening.

R.I.P LaKiesha. Gina's baby chicky chick died over the weekend and it makes me sad. I never got to hold her, or even confirm it was a hen, but I really felt like things were moving forward whenever she came into our lives... watching her sleep under the heat lamp, a little black tuft of feathers. I love where I live and don't plan on moving anytime soon, but I really wish I had a bigger yard so I could have my own chickens. In the meantime, I'll just keep my girls at Gina's and send chicken-support every month...weekly visits and summer trips to Disney World. That's how I grew up and I'm a wholesome hen now, so it shouldn't be too damaging to my Martha.

Martha needs a nice little neckerchief  to compliment her gold

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cherry, Cheery Sunburn

I'm bitter right now and I'm pissing myself off!

I had a lovely day that started with lady mimosas. The gal pal group kept growing and the morning turned into fried green tomato cobbler and an impromptu Vest Friends meeting, which is not an improv group I'll have you know. We do stand up, sketch comedy, and video montages, which will hopefully culminate into an amazing Wind Beneath My Wings choreographed event at the end of the month.

My mum called me and we talked about dancing, dating, cats, and the usual.

Poutine and banana's fosters for dinner and I shouldn't have anything to complain about, but guess who does?! Yeah, me... Sometimes it's such a strange feeling to know how amazing you are, yet still to get all bummed out on yourself. In these situations, the ladies are always my key fix! Love ya, girlz.

Ugh, I wish I wasn't bitter. This weekend was stupidly hard for me and it shouldn't have been. I think there's a little bitter piece of brain material that likes self-inflicted misery, because at times this weekend it has felt like I've been reminding myself of things to be sad about when I've been having nothing less than a lovely time. The human brain! If Neil Diamond's Porcupine Pie makes you cry, you don't deserve to have as much fun as I did this weekend! I've gotta snap out of it...

Ceclia is staring at my as I type this.

Okay, so...
I like mimosas.
I like my kitty cats.
This is Simon, who looks so intellectual to me.

Hi, I'm Simon.

I love the hell out of my girlfriends. I couldn't make up a more amazing group of women!
I really get happy thinking of Shanelle making pudding for old people at the nursing home.
I had so much fun Friday night with the ladies at our happy hour. I think the baby octopus and duck fat made me sick, which I now blame for the reason my Friday night bedtime was 10pm.
Saturday night I drank this basil seed drink that I really thought would be deliciously liquoricey, but it turned out to taste like chewy cream soda.

Biology experiment or refreshing beverage?

I took 2 very bad videos of my cats meeting the neighbor cat this weekend that are too boring to post.
Bubble gum infused vodka and bubble gum jello shots taste about as bad as that sentence sounds.

Hubba Bubba infused vodka

Audra's not shy...
Um, those are the bubble gum, jello-bean jello shots

I met this cat Gizmo who I think is outrageously handsome.

The former Emilaurison home toilet is apparently kept functioning through Emily's old pace jar plumbing trick.

I would never document this...Julia took the photo!

Guess who's selling out and going to ACL this year?! Me...two words: Neil Diamond. Also, I think I'll just try to con my way into getting Steve Martin's tickets since I've picked out the bands he should watch the last two years.

G'night...my mood has been lifted. Ice cream twice in one day probably does that for most people. XO

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Bruise Blog

I bruise outrageously easy. I told my doctor about this a year or so ago and he kept insisting that it was normal and expected. I started taking pictures to show him that not only were they terrible looking, but majority of them are completely unexplained. There's  even a lady in my gym who is very concerned about my relationship history and always tells me that my bruises aren't natural at all and to "leave him, girl." Well, they're normal for me even though they're ugly. While cleaning out pictures from my camera, I came across all the bruise photos for my doctor, so here they are for you to view and sympathize!

Strange October bruise

Unexplained November bruise 
January's mystery bruise

This was my SXSW bruise from jumping a fence. No mystery here!

My current unexplained hip bruise

The doc says they're ugly, but normal, so there we go. I don't need an intervention as there's no abusive men in my life unless Boris is kicking my ass while we snuggle at night.

...and we're back

Oh, I was having some blogger withdrawals. How on earth can I survive if I don't type aimlessly into the computer screen with the expectation that someone reads my words and finds me wondrous?! So, the blogger website has been down since Wednesday, and I too have been down due to my terrible tooth. But, we're back!

I finally got my tooth fixed Wednesday and dropped $1,000 doing so. I'm a little pissed about that, but I guess that's why I have a special bank account just for my teeth repairs. I certainly got some luxury treatment though and will have to yelp (for the 2nd time in my life) about how awesome this practice was. I had aroma therapy, a buckwheat pillow rest, the Food Network, a warm blanket, and was even serenaded to. The Endodontist was a super cutie and he and the assistant sang soft 70's rock the entire time. I actually ended up falling asleep while they worked away on my mouth. Here are some root canal related photos:

My Wheatsville pigeon friend wishing me luck
before my tooth surgery.

Argh, me toof is fixed and this is me smiling!

Snurggling Topo Chico afterwards

So, for a general catch-up here are some images from my recent life:

I am watching Sex In the City in it's entirety with my lady friend Cara. I was a bit apprehensive at first, only because I thought I was "too good for it", but so far I'm enjoying it and I love hanging out with her, her baby, her husband whenever she's running late, and her stinky old dogs.

Stinky Pete

Sweet 'lil Posey with her yogurt moustache

I have a GF who has a psuedo crush on an ex of mine. Mainly because he is a socially, nonfunctioning, robot of a person and she doesn't understand how people like that can survive, let alone snag an awesome gal like myself for 9 years. Anyhow, she forwarded this photo to me that he texted her and it made my day! Some people never change and I think that's a good thing when it involves making funny kitty cat photos and texting them to your friends. Needless to say, I've asked to be included on the cat picture photo text list.

I never posted any of my finds from last Sunday's Blue Hanger trip with Jessica. I didn't find anything amazing in terms of clothes, but I found some more home wares. A cute little painting of a girl holding a caged bird, a turkey beanie baby that the cats aren't interested in, an awesome little folding patio chair for $2 that I'm gonna refinish, paint, and sit on in my garden, and a sweet little embroidered pillow case that Boris seems to love as much as I do. I also keep finding a good amount of men's pearl snap shirts that I used to have a purpose for (stoopid ex-BF), but now it's pretty much hit or miss if I can give them away to my dude friends. I've got to just stop buying them or start selling more clothes online. I'm gonna go for the later for the time being. 

Birdie in the cage

Turkey baby

Boris loves it too!

Also, last Saturday I took Beth to Lucinda Williams as her birthday gift. It was great! We wine and dined at the Hot Dog King and Contigo and got to spend some time with Julie at Bruce's art show. Last weekend was a good weekend and I'm ready for this one to follow suit.

Gina looking pretty in the Tigress LUPEC light

That's supposed to be Lucinda

Hi, this is my face and it's smiling!

Beth and I at Lucinda Williams
 Well, that's a catch up and I'm now my bloggy withdrawal has turned into some bloggy boredom. Enjoy the weekend my lovelies!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Medical Blues

I'm about fed up with the medical blues. This week is full of doctor appointments and between this unexpected root canal, chronic pain, unpreventable rash, steroid rage, and living on pain medications for the last week I've about had it. I know people who think a positive mental outlook is all you need to maintain health, and I strongly disagree. If I was native American, my name would be Silver Lining, because I always think that things could be worse (I could have a conjoined twin that hates the sun!). But honestly, urggggh I just want to scream right now. At least I have an outlet to complain for the time being.

Also, while I was wide awake this morning unable to sleep due to tooth pain, I made and canned a huge batch of my mum's chicken noodle, medicine soup for anyone that might be sick in the next few months. Please don't hesitate to call me if you need some, it's been proven to work!

Like I said, I know it could be worse, but I could really use a break for the time being.  In all fairness though, I know I will be better by the weekend. This damn tooth is driving me crazy!

P.S. I'm always drafting a comical letter to the president, "Dear Mr. Obama...." about my medical blues and outrageous medical bills (even with an awesome $0.00 insurance plan) and I'm a little jealous that Gene Beam gets to serve him wine tomorrow night.

Silver lining: I'm glad I don't have
-Face aids
-Allergic reaction to spinach
-6 ankles (I only have 5; 1 extra instead of 2)
-A tail
-Fermented bone disorder (I just made it up, but it sounds horrible)
-3 children

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Root Canals and Cannonballs

I've been pretty busy lately and haven't had a Lauren Saturday morning in a while, so I was really looking forward to this morning... tea, NPR, goat cheese and spinach omelet, kitty cat cuddles, and maybe a morning beer. Well, let's just say things haven't gone as planned.

To start off, I don't have any eggs or spinach and eating just goat cheese for breakfast doesn't appeal much to me, even considering how much I love goat cheese.

Oh, and the disappointment gets better...I had to schedule an emergency dentist appointment this morning due to the tooth pain I've had for 4 days now that is no longer responding to pain medication (AKA goofballs). A few months ago I had some pain in a tooth that already had a root canal and everything looked fine so my favorite dentist told me it was just related to a sinus infection. So, this time around I just assumed it was sinus related and I would get the sinus aliments within the next couple of days. Side note: my friendly dentist happens to be in Vietnam (who goes there?!). Nutshell: It's not sinus related, I have an abscess, infection, and have to get a fancy new root canal through my pretty porcelain crown and since I've already maxed out my dental insurance for the year I'll have to pay out of pocket. Smiles and butterflies I'm feeling joyous. Anyhow, I'm hopped up on stronger goofballs and the pain is unnoticeable.

The best thing about this morning, however, is waking up next to this cute little cat butt

Onto more positive things, I had a lovely low-key night last night. I had dinner with Pam, Wells, and Gretta and from the photo (in my previous bloggy blog) you can see that Gretta had a wonderful time too. I just love Pam & Wells. They're so sweet together and seeing her with him makes me so happy. Seriously, like melted marshmallows and s'mores happy. Pam and I have been friends since college and honestly, perhaps besides JJ, I don't think there's anyone out there who understands my brain better than Pam. It's not that we're a lot alike, but her and I have been in the same places together (same place emotionally speaking) and we're both pretty self reflective and harp on the positive personal growth journey. I love her, she's great, and I had such a nice time talking, eating, laughing, petting kitty, and just catching up. Spoiler alert: Also, look how adorable these two are:

Afterwards, I went to Brittany's, ate more food, and got to see Lacey and BC who are visiting from Houston. I also got to dance like a country hobo in front of a huge wall mirror and I liked that a lot! Congratulations Brittany on your Anenstitician's license and I can't wait to pay too much for an amazing facial.

I went home feeling like I had drank too much and slept wonderfully sideways in my bed which I love to do. Bubba Greg called me at 4am just to chat. We talked for a couple of hours catching up on news and friendly gossip. He's not moving to Austin as I had hoped, I think I'm going to spend Thanksgiving in an Oakland crack den with him, and there's a special lady in his life. Once again, here's another friend who has the love bug and I'm so happy for him. I wouldn't have expected him to ever tell me, "sissy, I think this is the one," but he did and not only am I shocked, but I hope she is. I remember in high school he and Karen decided they wanted to get married and we set out for a midnight road trip to Vegas. Obviously they never made it. I think Arizona was the turn around point when reality set in and the wedding was cancelled. They best part of the story is that they had picked out their wedding song...

Karen wanted the Elvis impersonator to think her and Greg were getting married for the nookie.

Well, time for the swimming pool. I think I'm gonna do a cannonball, which I'm not sure if I've ever done before so watch out world, here I come!