Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tidbits for Thursday

So, the mood is lifting and once again I'm reminded of how much I love my friends, family, and life. It's really important to know that the people you love will be there for you, and that's the case with everyone currently in my life.

Okay, here are some tidbits:

-Last night I experienced my first Ambien sleep walking, eating, texting, etc. I thought I'd take my pill and finish up some work around the house while I waited for it to kick in. I woke up this morning and had apparently watched a movie, texted some friends, played solitaire, made a date for tonight, and, most importantly, cooked and ate a veggie sausage. I've decided to quit the Ambien and hopefully won't be affected too badly.

-I've successfully planted my spring garden! The tomatoes are blooming, the lettuces are peaking their heads out, and my basil is flourishing. Now, if I could only get the catnip and cat grass to grow so the kitties can have their own spring garden.

-My real father has started a new job in DFW and called me yesterday to talk about it. During this conversation he also told me that he would be sending me $1,000 to put into my "tooth fund". This is a fund that I set up as a way to save money for the lovely fake teeth I am buying for myself.

-This past weekend was amazing for my personal growth. I thought to blame my ex for a failed relationship due to his insecurities and constant insistence that he have the upper hand in the relationship at all times: his rules regarding friends and my behavior, his schedule, his social life, his relationship issues that he didn't want to fix, and me in the back seat the entire time just accepting it. But then I realized, after looking at my last 4 or 5 men, that I too am guilty of picking people who I have an "upper hand" with in the relationship. Most importantly, socially and intellectually speaking. I'm an outgoing person who says and does as I please, and my friends love me for that. Yet, I chose people who are socially awkward, unable to maintain the center of attention without gimics, lack meaningful or deep relationships with their friends, etc. Anyhow, after spending the weekend with 3Gs, I've realized that I want a person who engages their crowd, is worldly, intelligent, passionate, hilarious, and adaptable. Of course, this means that I won't always posses the limelight, but that's okay with me; lots of times I use gimics to maintain that attention anyhow ;)

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