Friday, April 29, 2011

Things That Feel Like Hugs

I like things that make me feel happy being hugged!

-Kitty cat paws on my face while I'm sleeping
-My mum's laugh
-Emails from my grandma
-Fresh, cozy socks
-Hot water on my skin
-Hair...I love seeing hair in jars, on the floor, in armpits. I think hair is very romantic. I like to smell hair.
-Icy beer in the summer time
-Walking into junk shops
-Napping outdoors
-My morning bus driver waving to me as I head off to work. I really want to ask her name, but I'm nervous. I also want to give her presents like homemade jams and flowers on Mother's Day (I just assume she's a mother). She brightens my days by just smiling!

So many things make me feel happy inside and just thinking about them puts me in such a good mood. I woke up delighted this morning for no particular reason.

All these royal wedding pictures are making me really miss kissing my BF. Granted, I don't have a BF and whenever I did he would get annoyed with me trying to kiss him all the time. Also, I have no intention to making out with random dudes, but I like kissing the people I love. I like it a lot and I want to kiss, kiss, kiss someone and pretend to be a princess getting married while doing it.

This picture of cows kissing used to be one of my favorites in college! After I graduated and moved, my friend Chelsea would cut it out and sent it to me every time she saw it in a magazine. I used to have a shoe box filled with cutouts of this cow kiss! I don't think it really does it for me anymore, but I still would like to kiss a cow or be a cow kissing another cow. It would probably make me feel happy inside either way!

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