Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday, Monday, Monday

Having a rough Monday. This weekend is my Boris's 11th birthday and I think that is causing some trouble emotionally. Oh, how fast they grow up!

With my sweet 'lil boo, Boris

Generally speaking, it was a lovely weekend. Sweet B gave me her car while she went out of town, so I got to get lots of errands done. Okay, who am I fooling?! I didn't get any errands done! Friday started off with happy hour with the friends and ended at the bar's closing...laundry with one of my favorite ladies was done in between, however. Enjoyed the beautiful weather outdoors Saturday with a craw fish boil. Here are some cute pics AT took of Matt and I:

Those glasses were obviously stolen from a small child!

I bruise like the sweet peach I am...look at those bruise leopard legs!

I spent all day vomiting Sunday. Not sure if it was due to food poisoning, a hangover, a migraine, or some combination of all three. Essentially I wasted the entire day in bed and that makes me sad too.

- I prefer blog TIDBITS over everything else
-I saw 3 things today that made me happy:
     1. an old hunchbacked professor eating a Wendy's frosty like a kid
     2. the first man in flip flops I would ever date! He was a handsome, middle-aged, professorial type and was wearing hip jeans with a nice shirt, tie, and jacket....with the dorkiest flip flops ever! I'd give 'em a shot even though that was the #1 on my list of no-no dating rules. Gina told me never to say, 'never' and now I might just have to listen to her.
    3. a blind man's service dog who really, really had to poop. The poor dog kept trying to pull him over to the grass and he was tugging the dog away to keep walking. I didn't think it was appropriate to inform the gentleman of his own dog's bowels. Regardless, the dog just went....dropped it out on the sidewalk while he was walking. Not a moment's peace for the working dog.

-I don't know where to put this outrageously huge, gaudy frame. Here's Gina's suggestion:

In the stairwell? Now I just need a ladder to hang it!

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