Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reader's Remorse

I had been reading an autobiography by Helmut Newton for the last month or so and really dreading it. I've never found his photography vulgar or crass, but once I started the book I quickly hated his writing. The first half of the book talks about his youthful days of screwing around, except he prefers stronger, fouler words. While I don't have the cleanest mouth around, all his F-bombs and talk of erections were draining. And, since much of his photographic work could be classified as "erotic fashion," I should have anticipated the vulgarity. Anyhow, I finished yesterday. Well, I finished 75% of it and had to stop; it was killing my brain. So, that leads me up to this morning, when I was excitedly ready to start reading Tobias Wolff's collection of short stories, Back in the World. I opened the first story and read about four sentences and it was all too familiar. I skipped ahead, reading the first paragraph of every story in the book and then realized I had already read the entire book. This is the story of my life.... Regardless, I loved all the stories the first time around if you're looking for an easy read with slightly quirky, off, unexpected, and perhaps depressing stories of abnormal folks like us. So, back to the drawing board to read Tess of the d'Ubervilles, a classic I've never read.

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