Friday, April 22, 2011

Overall, a B+

As my mum would say, "Shoe Weee" yesterday was a day. Overall, I'd give it a B+ though, and that looks pretty good on my report card. It sure as hell ended with extra credit and a happy girl. (oops, but i did send sad and desperate texts at the end of the night...I blame the roids.)

My steroids are driving me insane. I haven't been sleeping and can't seem to concentrate; my temperament is very out of whack for me. Today I saw the number 8 and it didn't register in my mind as a number. I thought for about 14 seconds, "what does that squiggle mean?" That's how nutso I'm feeling. I had a little bit of a melt down yesterday afternoon and threw a tantrum at the office. My keyboard wasn't working and I just pounded on it and screamed. The boss gave me a wireless one this morning and things have smoothed over on that front. Still self medicating with soft fuzzies like this:

Brawhhhhggg...I'm a dog!
(side note: that dog looks the way the steroids make me feel in my mind and body)

Yesterday started rough and was wonderfully broken up with Lela lunch, but then I got all pissy and cranky and hating technology. I complained to Beth and Gina for hours (while working diligently, of course!) Poor ladies. After work they whisked me away to the Tigress while I roid raged about everything. I've decided, I should video my rages because they're pretty darn funny and might make good material for Vest Friends, my comedy troupe. After 2 moscow mules, my emotions were in check and I was ready for my lady date with Cara. I rode in a convertible, drank pink champagne, ate fancy cheeses and meats, and ended the night with Jager classy and a blast. I'm in love with all of my girlfriends so much right now that my cats are feeling neglected. It's great :)

Getting excited about Austin's LUPEC chapter. Beth is doing a great job organizing things and while I wasn't confident at first, after our Tigress discussion with Pam, the owner, I am pumped. We will have our board meeting in a couple of weeks, so ladies if you like socializing with women and drinking awesome cocktails.....get ready! The invitations will be on their way. And with Pam's homemade, barrel-aged mescal that we tasted last night....shoe weeee it's gonna be good.

Another interesting thing last night, Adrienne asked for a photo to send to a friend to confirm that I'm attractive enough for a potential set up. Ugh, this is such a strange place for me, but I got so nervous and anxious about the photo. Beth quickly took this, which I think is just fine.

Cara and the girls had an interesting response to the image and, I agree, its just so, "Hi, I'm a person and this is my face"; no personality. I'm really hoping that sending photos to potential dates isn't something that I "do" now. It's just not my style and I'm not even that interested in jumping into the misery of dating, but also I'm having a blast right now being me so why the hell not. It pisses me off to think of all the me criticism I took over the last year from my ex, so I'm in a "take it or leave it, I rule" stage! Lindsey took this great "personality" pic that I think I'll choose next time it is requested to validate appearance.

Thoughts? This is my sexy face, which I learned last night apparently isn't as sexy as I thought it was. Hmmm...

I'm happy, I'm excited, ugggggh I'm in love with my ladies and dating the hell out of them. Even got to bump into Karen last night, which was great too. I'm making a list and you girls that haven't had enough LD time yet will be soon! Broken Spoke ladies night here we come!

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